Taiwanese Pop Weekly Roundup #2

Slow week for Taiwanese pop.


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I just read this article and I’m sad now.

I’m sad at the probable breakup between Ni Ni and Jing Boran, because they were such a low-key, lovely couple.

And I’m sad that I’m so sad about it. I shall never ship actors together again, for fear of disappointment.

What is an OTP? I know none now.

Anime Review: Megalo Box

A few years ago, I watched Hunter x Hunter 2011, and occasionally there would be these summary episodes that would condense plot of many episodes into a few minutes. Megalo Box reminds me of these abridged summaries, packing in a decent amount of plot without sufficient time to explore character nuances. The series presents many boxing matches that may seem exciting on the surface level, but fails to deliver an emotional punch.

Each time our hero defeats another opponent and inches closer to becoming Megalonia champion, it just feels like he’s checking off one more item on his to-do list. There’s no real reason to root for him, other than the fact that he is the protagonist. We know nothing about his motivation to box. You could argue that he simply enjoys the sport, and that’s enough reason to support him. That’s fine, but that makes for lackluster emotional payoff when he does score a victory. The conflicts he faces are so… superficial. The generic mob boss antagonist, the ID side-plot– these are all things that can be solved without him really needing to do anything. So when these problems are resolved, it’s difficult to care, since he didn’t take part in solving them.

OK, I am being too harsh on this series. I actually really enjoyed watching it! I know there is still one more episode left, so me writing a review about this show right now seems too soon, but I don’t think the finale will change my opinion much.

Chang Xiang Si Shou (ToNick) Lyrics Translation (English)

@randy — I know it’s been a few months since you suggested that I translate this song, sorry for the delay! I have a funny story to share — when the song started, I thought “Oh dear, the song is in Cantonese, how will I be able to translate it?”, but then I realized Cantonese and Mandarin still share the same writing system DUH.

IMO the song is very standard ballad fare, but hey, this genre makes for good songs to sing at karaoke or to listen to on repeat while studying.

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My favorite Idol Producer trainees, updated after group evaluations

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image credit: Idol Producer Subs on Twitter

I’ve stopped watching the full Idol Producer episodes (episode 3 was a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes) but I’m still fast forwarding through the episodes, watching highlights clips, and their performances on Youtube. Initially, my favorite trainees were Chen Linong and Cai Xukun. Now, my lineup has slightly changed (and expanded). Continue reading