Chang Xiang Si Shou (ToNick) Lyrics Translation (English)

@randy — I know it’s been a few months since you suggested that I translate this song, sorry for the delay! I have a funny story to share — when the song started, I thought “Oh dear, the song is in Cantonese, how will I be able to translate it?”, but then I realized Cantonese and Mandarin still share the same writing system DUH.

IMO the song is very standard ballad fare, but hey, this genre makes for good songs to sing at karaoke or to listen to on repeat while studying.

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My favorite Idol Producer trainees, updated after group evaluations

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image credit: Idol Producer Subs on Twitter

I’ve stopped watching the full Idol Producer episodes (episode 3 was a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes) but I’m still fast forwarding through the episodes, watching highlights clips, and their performances on Youtube. Initially, my favorite trainees were Chen Linong and Cai Xukun. Now, my lineup has slightly changed (and expanded). Continue reading

Idol Producer Episode 1 Thoughts

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image credit: Idol Producer Subs

I wasn’t expecting much from Idol Producer, but wow, this show has exceeded my expectations. Visuals-wise and skills-wise there’s a definite downgrade felt from Produce 101, but this doesn’t mean there’s no visuals at all, or no talent at all. Actually, many trainees on this show seem to have talent. What I mean by talent is that many of the Chinese trainees seem to possess stable singing abilities and self-composing skills. Obviously, talent doesn’t really matter as much as visuals when it comes to these type of survival shows (if Produce 101 was any indication at all), but it’s still appreciated when there’s a lack of visuals.
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Idol Producer Introduction Videos

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I was so invested in Produce 101 S2, so I’m actually really excited about Idol Producer. I love MC Jin, Li Rong Hao, and Cheng Xiao, and I also like the other judges Kyulkyung, Jackson, and Lay, so even if the trainees turn out to be uninteresting I’ll probably keep following the show for the judges. Here are some of my thoughts on the trainees’ introduction videos so far. Continue reading