Thoughts: Handa-kun Episode 1

tl;dr verdict: Good animation, Haikyuu vibes?

I thought it was a brilliant move to start off the anime in a meta way, cleverly introducing the viewers to Handa’s devout fanboys, as well as to Handa… at least, indirectly. The image his followers paint of him is that of almost a god’s: strong, romantic, and he’s a calligraphy genius. Despite the clever intro, however, the effect stretched far beyond amusement, lasting about 10 minutes before the actual episode begins.

Nonetheless, I appreciated the contrast between people’s conception of Handa, and his actual character. Though people regard him as the school’s urban legend, shrouded in mystery, it is Handa who struggles to understand and trust his classmates. To him, a simple love letter must be an invitation to fight. Rather than confront this misunderstanding directly, he opts to write letters to the “perpetrators” instead. Ironically, though he tries to mitigate the situation by writing all these letters, he only perpetuates the confusion further, as his calligraphy is a bit difficult to read for his fellow high school classmates.

It will be interesting to see whether or not he will begin to change his perception of others as admirers instead of threats. On the flip side, it seems like people have already began to see Handa in a different light. The friend of Maiko originally harbored only dislike for Handa, but with his simple actions of writing her a letter and staring at her, she replaced all her loyalty she owed to Maiko to Handa instead.

May the Handa Force be with you.


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