Thoughts: Tamako Love Story

“Is mochi life? Or is life mochi?”

Note: Review contains spoilers.

I started this movie without realizing that it was actually a sequel to Tamako Market, a series that I have not seen. Regardless, I did not feel lost plot-wise. I really want to say that I liked this movie, but I feel like many conflicts were left unanswered– or rather, unexplored.

The climax of the story is also the ending, which was a brilliant move in theory but actually fails in execution. Certainly it keeps the suspense of how the female lead will respond to the male lead’s confession until the very end, but this also contributes to a slow, lagging pace of the entire movie.

There is little character development shown, and Tamako’s decision to reply to the confession is spurred by a lie her friend tells her. Tamako’s participation in the baton club and her obsession with mochi also seem like props to her personality rather than significant supports.

Overall, I would recommend skipping the movie and watching this 4-minute amv-ish video instead.


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