Thoughts: Mob Psycho 100 Episode 1

tl;dr verdict: Yep, I loved the first episode.

Many people are starting to draw comparisons between Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man, but I suppose I’m beginning this series with a different perspective, since I actually haven’t watched One Punch Man before. I know, I know, the shock of it all. I do recognize that the protagonists of the two series are drawn quite similarly though– I wonder if they have similar personalities?

Reigen kind of reminds me of Detective Mori from Detective Conan. Both have brash self-confidence yet rely on their younger acquaintances to actually do the work. Shigeo, on the other hand, is oddly humble given his immense abilities. Their dynamic “teamwork” is amusing to watch and I look forward to Shigeo finding out his mentor doesn’t actually have any psychic powers.

This show is just so fun. There’s the scene where Shigeo admires a female classmate and the other girls’ faces are portrayed as vegetables. The animation is perfect, giving our two protagonists simple faces that can undergo sudden metamorphosis into more dramatic, exaggerated expressions.


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