There’s a Kpop group called Snuper

Yeah. Can’t say their latest song is too super though. (Please clap for my lame pun.)

The beginning of the song is disorienting, showing us happy clips of the guys sitting in a room playing pretend-adventure or something, all set to the music of… a ballad. As if foreseeing our thoughts, the tune abruptly changes around 1:12 from slow to retro.

The lyrics confuse me too, from “Everything about you is like the air” (1:29) to “The sky is blue” (1:54). But perhaps most perplexing is its title “You = Heaven”.

The whole theme of adventure set to the backdrop of an island also got lost when the guys start singing “Stop, my lady. Stop, listen to my heart.” On one hand, they’re encouraging the whole idea of exploration and freedom, but here they seem to advocate for exactly the opposite, an inhibition of the partner’s actions.

Even the tune is difficult to like, with a strained high note at 2:08 and unclear end to the song. As in, I thought the song ended at 3:16, but oh wait, there’s more. The transition back to ballad is a bit forced, and the last word “Stop” awkwardly ends the song.


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