What is balance anyway?

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I’m a recent high school graduate, and maybe it’s because so many people have told me the importance of finding a balance between school life and personal life that I felt like writing this post today.

When one thinks of balance, it’s easy to conjure up this image:

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The idea is to level the two sides, preventing any side from tipping too far. If we placed food on the scale, we would allocate the same weight to each side. Similarly, balance between school life and personal life would require an allocation of equal time, or equal effort, or equal… equal something, right?

However, I think this model of balance is ineffective.

For years, I tried convincing myself that I needed to study more, as if that would somehow cancel out the time I “wasted” subtitling and watching Korean dramas. I’m going to spend two hours studying calculus, and then I’ll give myself a break. That was my mentality. Instead, the timeframe I set for myself only allowed more procrastination. Two hours sounded leisurely, so my concentration levels would lower.

Studying more did not mean studying better. I was devoting, at least theoretically, more time to school life, and yet this only hindered my studying capabilities. Maybe I was getting the whole concept of balance wrong.

Recently, I was at orientation for the college I will be attending next fall. One of the speakers said something interesting. He said that balance was a matter of prioritizing the important things. He mentioned a story where a man filled a jar with stones, beginning with the larger ones and then smaller pebbles, and then gradually, sand.

Now I view balance not as a scale, but moreso like a jar. My original mindset had contorted all stones into the same size, placing them into the jar with no attention to order. But really I have a jar of limited time, yet with unlimited possibilities for how to spend it.


2 thoughts on “What is balance anyway?

  1. Yami Hyunnie

    Indeed, as you are still young with a long healthy life ahead of you, finding a balance within your life is something that will come with time, experience and a LOT of trial and error. In the end, finding a balance in life is no way trying to fit everything equally and making sure all the pieces fit, but rather dependant on how you choose to distribute the work in terms of what is priority and what is not.

    I love your philosophy about what is balance; I personally feel that that will continue to resonate within me, and will remain in the back of my mind. Don’t feel stressed, and face each day’s challenges steadily. Good luck with your future endeavours, and by the way, love what you’ve done with the new blog 😉

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    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Aw thank you. I am definitely still trying to understand how I can find the best balance for myself. I’m guessing that alot of the trial and error you mentioned will manifest in college schoolwork and life. Thanks for all your support too, I appreciate it ^_^

      Liked by 1 person


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