Thoughts: Handa-kun Episode 2

Handa-kun picture

tl;dr verdict: Transition between the two sub-stories could have been smoother, but overall still interesting.

Sheesh, Handa has quite the set of skills. Not only is he able to break apart friendships, he’s also able too repair those bonds easily without speaking much to them. His two words “Sloppy writing” breaks the heart of his admirer, but seconds later he manages to correct his faux pas with a simple well-intentioned wish for the two girls to cherish their friendship.

Also, it’s kind of hilarious that although Handa trys to keep a low profile and stays silent most of the time, it’s precisely his silence and air of mystery that incites jealousy in his other classmates, like the vice-chairperson or model. He makes others uncomfortable, and yet he always manages to patch things up in the end. With the two girls, he encourages them to stay friends. With the model, he asks the scouter to please help those who need it.

However, with Handa’s constant stoic personality creating changes in his classmates, I wonder if this series is going to feature any character change from Handa’s end. And when this development will happen.


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