Why does coffeenlucia drop so many shows?

picture credit: Dramabeans

Here‘s my MyDramaList profile. You will notice that although I’ve completed 23 series, I’ve dropped 69 shows as well.

There is only one reason for this phenomenon: I am an impatient drama watcher. I don’t like having to wait for a drama to “turn good”. When the show becomes boring, I resort to the following methods:

  • I fastforward. This is a tactic that becomes especially useful when watching 2-hour long episodes of Reply 1994.
  • I find out what happens in the last episode. Essentially, spoiling the plot for myself. Of course, this method only works if the entire series has finished airing. (There are exceptions too, like the currently airing anime Orange. I read the manga spoilers because I didn’t want to sit through the show.)
  • I read recaps. There are lots of amazing blogs that provide detailed summaries of episodes, complete with screenshots.
  • I simply drop the show.

What about you? Do you drop many shows like me, or are you a more patient viewer than I am?


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