Weibo Comments: W-Two Worlds Episode 1

If that title confuses you, don’t worry — it confuses me too. The general plot goes something like this: two people who come from two completely different worlds fall in love with each other. Lee Jong Suk plays an Olympic sharpshooter, and Han Hyo Joo plays a doctor. My own theory is that the “W” in the title represents two “V”s, or worlds, colliding with each other to intersect in the center.

But anyway, here’s some Weibo comments on the drama’s first episode. I haven’t watched it yet, but I don’t think I’m going to follow this series. Nothing against the two actors, though. I enjoyed Lee Jong Suk’s performance in I Hear Your Voice, and Han Hyo Joo’s Dong Yi was one of the first sageuks I had seen.

The comments:

  • Today’s first episode was too powerful, it’s been a long time since a powerful drama like this has come along, it will hit big!!! [+78]
  • There’s unanimous praise on the Korean web! Looking forward to the second episode! [+292]
  • The storyline is very full of feels!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s second episode! Lee Jong Suk is so handsome! Even when his body’s covered in blood he’s still sexy! [+53]
  • The visual quality is there, the story is there! It has everything!!! [+38]
  • The first episode completely brought the feels, W hit big[噢耶][噢耶] [+121]
  • I just knew that my Lee Jong Suk isn’t bad at picking drama scripts [爱你][爱你] Indeed, the one that makes us trust him, Jong Suk [+69]

Source: here


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