Tan Song Yun 大牌驾到 BIGSHOT Interview

One of my favorite Chinese actresses is Tan Song Yun, of With You and Whirlwind Girl fame. I found one of her interviews on Youtube today, so I thought I’d share it with you all. ^^ On a semi-related note: did you guys know that Whirlwind Girl Season 2 has come out? Ahhhh.

Here’s some of the things that are covered:

  • She debuted at 15 years old and she’s now 25. Many people call her “forever 15” because she has a youthful face. When asked how she feels about that nickname, she says she feels 无奈, or kind of helpless about it (a bit neutral, I suppose).
  • She knows how to play the ukulele and sing at the same time! 我的女神。。。
  • She learned how to dance at an early age, but quit after 5 years.
  • She says she has a waking up temper and recounts how she didn’t like having to wake up at 6:40am for school back in the day.
  • She’s amused that “Tan Song Yun nose” is one of the top suggestions Weibo puts out when you type in “Tan Song Yun” on the website.
  • She hasn’t undergone plastic surgery. Though she’s thought about it before, she feels too scared and everyone tells her all the possible consequences.
  • She has a filming project with Kim Tae Hwan and there’s apparently a kiss scene where she initiates the kiss.
  • The host asks her if she had to choose between Wu Lei, Liu Hao Ran, and Kim Tae Hwan to date, then based off of visuals from first impressions, who would she pick? Tan Song Yun chooses Liu Hao Ran.
  • She’s currently single and does not have time to date because of all the projects she’s a part of. The dating rumors of her and Liu Hao Ran kind of made their friendship less secure (aw… 😦 ).
  • She pokes fun at herself often on Weibo, posting screenshots fans had taken of With You episodes paused right when it looked like she was rolling her eyes.

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