Thoughts: Battery Episode 2


tl;dr verdict: Skip this episode.

The most interesting thing that happens this episode is the parallel between the MC’s mom and Gou’s mom in their attitudes towards baseball. Both ask him to convince others to quite baseball, essentially wanting him to act as some sort of middleman in resolving their own problems.

Last episode I mentioned that I felt as if there was an immense lack of background music, so this time I paid more attention to the soundtrack. There’s music at the appropriate moments, especially the more tense or dramatic ones. So what’s missing, if it’s not the music?

I think the problem is that the anime tries to create dramatic moments. It tries to foster a suspenseful atmosphere, but in trying too hard to do so it fails. Part of the problem is that Battery is advertised as a sports anime, and we expect action and baseball games, but so far we’ve seen none of that. At most we’ve witnessed a few short catch-the-ball practices.

We also know close to nothing about the characters. This is probably part of the scheme to keep suspense and prevent too many conflicts from being resolved too soon. However, the problem is that a lot of the conflicts have barely been introduced, let alone understood. Instead, the anime chooses to elongate conversations and dialogue to fill this gap of plot development. In return, the viewers are left mostly unsatisfied.


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