Taiwanese youth romance movie “At Cafe 6” now showing in theaters

at cafe 6 movie

I really like these youth coming-of-age romance movies. You are the Apple of My Eye, one such film, was released a few years back and met much success in the box office. Last year’s Our Times was also quite popular, the music video for its theme song reaching over 90 million views on Youtube.

Continuing this trend of youth romance movies is At Cafe 6 (六弄咖啡館), which premiered on July 14, 2016. The plot sounds kind of stereotypical, but hey, just as long as it brings the feels, I don’t mind. The two leads are high school classmates that start off not really knowing each other well, then becoming friends, and then start dating. However, after their college entrance exams, one goes off to the north, and the other to the south. The distance gradually begins to affect their relationship.

Here’s the trailer:


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