Thoughts: Handa-kun Episode 3

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This show is just one misunderstanding after another. Somehow, these misunderstandings work out in Handa’s favor, as he gains more fans by the day. However, the more everyone worships him as if he were their god, the more alienated and lonely he becomes. Handa might not realize this himself, and he even tries to increase the distance between him and his classmates. For instance, he hides from people he know after school. He feels as if everyone hates him.

By episode 3 we’ve been introduced to the main members of the Handa Fanclub, and I hope the show begins to strengthen interactions between Handa and his classmates. Up until now the focus has been on Handa’s admirers, rather than on his actual self. I also want to see more of the calligraphy aspect come into action. I don’t think we’ve seen Handa really use his calligraphy skills since Episode 1, where he writes a letter to a classmate.


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3 Responses to Thoughts: Handa-kun Episode 3

  1. nari200 says:

    There is an Orthograph fault “He was* their god”. But thanks for the Blogpost !

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