Half a Goodbye (半句再見) Chinese + English Lyrics

Another translation ^^ This time it’s the theme song of the movie At Cafe 6 (六弄咖啡館). More info on the movie here.

半句再見 / Half a Goodbye
Composed by Lee Shih Shiong, lyrics by Wu Zi Yun, sung by Sun Yan Zhi

一張照片 半句再見 塵封的紀念 / A photo, half a goodbye, dusty memories
用眼淚把你複習一遍 / Using tears to review you one more time
殘缺的詩篇 遺忘的誓言 誰腦海有張忘不掉的臉 / Incomplete poems, forgotten promises, whose mind sees a face that cannot be forgotten?

微紅的眼 微亮的天 好一次失眠 / Reddish eyes, a slightly bright day, many times losing sleep
回憶輕易帶走了時間 / The memories easily took away time
有些從前 太執念 那痕跡 太明顯 / Some from before were so obsessive, the traces too obvious
而故事被遺憾 畫上了重點 / The story unfortunately was emphasized.

一端在彼 一端在天 兩端成直線 / One end at the other side, one end in the sky, the two ends forming a straight line
直線永遠畫不出個圓 / The straight line can never be drawn into a circle
有些從前 太尖銳 誰腳步 太遙遠 / Some from before were too sharp, someone’s footsteps so far
讓結局被遺憾 寫下了句點 / Unfortunately writing the period to the ending.

為何不放 既是過往 雲煙 / Why do I hold on to a thing of the past
想要遺忘 怎麼反覆 掛牽 / I want to forget, so why do I repeat the longings
往哪裡找安慰 會簡單一些 / To where can I find consolation, to make it easier
我被思念制約 快樂顯得卑微 / I’m constrained by my thoughts, happiness seems petty

怎麼不放 早是過往 雲煙 / Why do I keep holding on to a thing of the past
越想遺忘 越是反覆 掛牽 / The more I want to forget the more I repeat the longings
而你在心裡面 要怎麼道別 / And to you in my heart how do I say goodbye
說這半句再見 已過了多少年 / Saying this half a goodbye after so many years
無解 / No explanation


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