Thoughts: Battery Episode 3


Well, it’s week 3 of me trying to figure out what I don’t like about this anime. It’s difficult to pinpoint at first, because the animation is actually quite nice, and character designs are well-drawn too.

But upon closer examination, some of the visual aspects are a bit off too. For instance, when Takumi walks out of the school office, there are literally no other students walking in the hallway. Then two seconds later, Gou shows up conveniently along with two other students. It’s this general lack of people — and thus, lack of noise — that contributes to such an aggravatingly slow pace of the show. I guess the directors were going for a minimalist vibe, but seriously, the series just seems so devoid of movement. And for goodness sake, it’s a baseball anime! It’s supposed to have all this motion.

There’s attempt to create a “dramatic” moment towards the latter half of the episode with Takumi refusing to obey the coach’s orders to cut his hair. The whole issue somehow fractures the friendship between him and Gou, with Gou ending the conversation / fight saying “You’re the worst kind of person.” I think I may actually do a literal facepalm if this show continues to churn out these “conflicts”.

Also, there’s too few characters. We’ve been introduced to the baseball team but still barely know anyone’s personalities, let alone their names. With Takumi (and occassionally Gou) showing up on our screens it’s difficult to expand plot or create interesting conversations.


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