Unrealistic monologue in Hakuouki

In the first episode of Hakuouki, the female lead is rescued by a group of samurai, and she describes one of her saviors in a monologue:

It took my breath away, when I saw that weaving black hair, and the falling snow illuminated by the moonlight. It was like watching off-seasonal cherry blossoms blooming.

Of course, I was watching the episode with English subtitles, since I know very little Japanese, so I cannot speak to the accuracy of this translation. Regardless, these lines really irritated me. The obvious signs of romance she not-so-subtly points out in her thoughts, like the snow and flowers, are just so ubiquitous that I wish there was more creativity in her comparisons. Her simile with the cherry blossoms was also a bit out-of-place.

What does her monologue add to the story? The viewers’ only revelation seems to be that she likes the guy. But the saccharine poetry could be abandoned for something a little more engaging. For instance, a simple closeup into the female lead’s face and then a gradual zoom-out into the background of snow probably would have communicated the same message, with less cringe.

Eh. Maybe I’m being too critical, because I ended up watching the whole series (albeit, with a lot of fast-forwarding). But with limited use of show-don’t-tell, it’s difficult for a show to achieve much depth plot-wise.


One thought on “Unrealistic monologue in Hakuouki

  1. Akaluv August 3, 2016 / 6:07 pm

    The main character is annoying in that anime, so I don’t blame you.

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