New Chinese drama Hello Joann (你好乔安)

I haven’t read any news about this drama, surprisingly. The drama is actually pretty entertaining and although the first episode was released on July 31, there’s already 12 episodes out! Hello Qiao An, or 你好乔安, stars Qi Wei, Xiaochen Wang, David Chen, and Wong Keda. Here’s a link to the first episode.

The story follows two friends, Ni Hao (which is a homonym for Hello in Chinese) and Qiao An (Joann) as they go through some boyfriend and work troubles. Joann, raised in a wealthy household, goes through some pretty dramatic life shifts when her father’s company goes bankrupt. She also breaks up with her ex-boyfriend, who thinks she’s dating him just for his money. Ni Hao’s boyfriend also breaks up with her and she’s heartbroken at first.

Together the two friends begin their new lives…


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