Skip Beat is funny but forgettable

Really. I marathoned this series two days ago but have little recollection of the plot. I will say that Episode 11 is most memorable (I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed harder for an anime).

It is crazy how much the chibi versions of the characters made me laugh. I mean, at the same time, the fact that the show relied on this tactic for humor shows how it’s not a particularly deep series. It isn’t, and yet I enjoyed each episode.

I will warn that the last episode is not a sufficient ending, its excuse being that Skip Beat was adapted from a manga series but did not cover the entire plot. Anyway, that was kind of annoying because I wanted a resolution to the story, so I read some of the manga afterwards.

The show looks like a reverse harem from the poster, and it is, but the anime doesn’t feel saturated with hot guys vying for our female lead’s attention. In fact, the focus is moreso on her journey to rise to the top of showbiz, and on her relentless determination to master acting on her own merit.

However, the plot appears to be tied down by the show’s attempt to humor the audience, which is at once it’s strong point and weakness. While I certainly found this series to be hilarious, it was only able to do so with relatively light and low-impact conflicts. As such, it’s difficult for me to remember much substance happening in the anime, because so much of it was fluff.

Regardless, Skip Beat is an entertaining watch and I imagine I’ll rewatch Episode 11 sometime.


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