Spice and Wolf sets example for romantic anime

picture credit: planetminecraft.com

I have seen many shows construct conflicts that impede the progress of the two leads from beginning a relationship. These blockages often come in the form of disapproving families or fear of confessing. As the leads overcome each obstacle, they finally will confess their love to each other towards the end of the series. Sometimes, the relationship begins in the last episode. Or in the last part of the last episode. It’s a happy ending, right?

Yet, such depictions of romance seem so shallow. I’m trying to think of a romantic anime or drama that focuses on the development of a relationship between the main characters. It’s difficult to think of one. Many series focus on the formation of a relationship instead. There’s just so much depth a show loses out on if it chooses not to explore the dimensions of a relationship after the two leads begin to date.

This is why I enjoyed watching Spice and Wolf. The show spent little time establishing Holo and Lawrence’s affection for each other. Instead, they were already interacting as a couple by the second episode, without a 10-second pan-over of a confession scene. Instead, silent gestures like Lawrence giving the map of his future shop to a crying Holo as a handkerchief, or Holo hurriedly scattering some grains into Lawrence’s hands before she runs into the street, serve as ample proof for their love.



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