Hebe Tien’s “Love Yourself” is Tumblr aesthetic

This is another recent release (July 28) by Hebe Tian, titled 獨善其身, or Love Yourself. Her voice is just gorgeous. The song starts in an angelic manner and crescendos into a strong chorus. The actual melody is a bit laidback and there is no easily spotted climax, but nevertheless, the tune is pleasant to listen to. The lyrics are just as beautiful, poetic even as the song teaches the listeners to, as the title suggests, love themselves. For instance, “先善待這顆心 再懂別的心” translates to “First treat your heart kindly, then try to understand others’ hearts”.

The music video gave me f(x) vibes because it was so pastel and minimalist. I imagine gifs of the MV could easily gain notes on Tumblr. The set is simple, actually, with just one main scene of the singer in a pink-walled room. She is alone, yet the warm colors of pink and blue, as well as the sun peeking through the window blinds, signal a sense of introspection rather than loneliness. This supports the theme of self-realization.


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