“Flow” by Khalil Fong ft. Leehom Wang is catchy for the most part

Eh. I like a lot about this song. The piano progressions, the guitar rift, and the smooth vocals. But despite the song title, the melody suffers from identity crisis and resembles more of a mosaic of different songs rather than one cohesive piece. The listeners are told to flow with the singers in a pretty catchy R&B beat, and I really want to, but then at 2:12 in the video there’s this aggressive shift in mood from upbeat to heavy– not exactly flowing. I wouldn’t mind this transition had it been smoother, though. The song returns to its R&B start after the short deviation.

The video itself is an interesting application of flowing graphics, like the motion of butterflies and fish, but it seems more like a backdrop to a lyric video than for a music video. Anyways, the video isn’t the true focus when there’s so many amazing things happening musically.

Flow is sung by Khalil Fong (方大同) featuring Leehom Wang (王力宏) and was released on August 3.


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