Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖 Youku Interview

I’m assuming it’s a Youku interview because the guy at the beginning of the video mentions something along the lines of the happiest time of day is during 优酷追剧. I was really excited to see this interview uploaded on Youtube because my all-time favorite Chinese actress is Zhao Li Ying. Definitely check out her roles in Legend of Lu Zhen or Shan Shan Comes to Eat. The role that launched her into stardom, however, is Hua Qian Gu.

Zhao Li Ying’s known to be 赵小刀 because she’s straightforward and sometimes really pointedly honest. I adore her interview answers, though, precisely because she’s so earnest and concise.

Here’s some of the things covered:

  • When filming Legend of Chusen, the scenes she thought were most unforgettable were the ones filmed in caves. And I quote, “每个山洞都不一样”.
  • If she could be allowed one power, what would it be? “For you all (referring to the interviewers) to disappear.” LOL. And she says this answer with a smile on her face– I can’t.
  • Three phrases to describe her ideal partner are “Obedient, tall, handsome”.
  • Three phrases to describe Bi Yao’s ideal partner are “Zhang Xiao Fan, Zhang Xiao Fan, Zhang Xiao Fan”.
  • Which is harder, crying scenes or kissing scenes? “They’re both not difficult.” xD
  • Do you think you like taking selfies? “No.” She doesn’t take any selfies in a typical day.
  • Eyes or face, which one do you think is rounder on you? “My eyes.”
  • When asked what she’s good at, she says “Doing nothing” (发呆)
  • Between eating or shopping, which would she choose? “Eat and shop at the same time”. I love her answers.
  • She had a pet once called Fluffy Ball, and she admits that her pet is slightly cuter than her.
  • If she was any animal, it would probably be a cat, who looks cute but is really quite smart.
  • She likes to be praised as handsome, or 帅.

And here’s a link to another one of her recent interviews.


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