Chinese web drama Campus Beauty (贴身校花) Li Yi Tong BTS

Today I sort of marathoned another Chinese web series called Campus Beauty 贴身校花. I say “sort of” because really I just fast-forwarded to scenes including Li Yi Tong (李艺彤). She’s actually the second female lead in this show, though thankfully she doesn’t fight for the male lead’s attention– she gets her own love line. The actual drama isn’t really worth checking out (lackluster acting from a lot of the cast, choppy plot and lack of an ending) but I’m just happy to now know the existence of Li Yi Tong, because her acting is quite good compared to the others in this series.

Note: There’s another rising actress called Li Yi Tong (李一桐) who stars in Demon Girl (currently airing) and who will also star in Legend of Condor Heroes 2017. I confused the two at first because their names are the same in English, but just note that they are two different people.

She is so adorable. It’s kinda funny that her on-screen character and her real-life persona are so similar personality-wise.


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