New Taiwanese Web Drama I’ll Make You Fall in Love with Me (我要让你爱上我)

Wow. There are so many shows coming out that are just completely under the radar! This new web series I’ll Make You Fall in Love with Me, or 我要让你爱上我, is no exception. The first episode was released on July 29 and here’s a link. The main cast includes Lin Min Chen (林明禎), Fabien Yang (楊奇煜), and Liu Yu Ting (who goes by the stage name 雨婷).

So I’ve watched the first episode, and here’s a general plot synopsis. The female lead Yi Jun is adjusting to the working world, where she seems to be ignored for the most part in a hectic work environment. But then a new person at work comes along (the second female lead), who is able to win everyone’s affections because she’s so pretty and kind. Then there’s also the male lead Liu Jian Ming, whose a smart guy and is pretty high up in the ranks too. And second male lead Yong Ren is a slightly geeky but nice guy who seems to harbor a crush on Yi Jun.


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