Trailer + Stills for Upcoming Chinese drama Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂

Another upcoming Chinese drama in the latter half of 2016 is Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂, starring Zhao Li Ying and Lu Yi. This drama starts airing in CORRECTION: September 2016. I’m quite amazed at Li Ying’s versatility in acting– she always seems to choose a role different from all her previous ones, and her devotion to diversifying her skill set is something I admire.

pictures and gifs credit to 爱奇艺电视剧


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3 Responses to Trailer + Stills for Upcoming Chinese drama Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂

  1. maoh says:

    Noo they moved it December, I have been waiting for a long time. I guess they want her other dramas to finish airing and for ZLY to have time to promote it since she is quite busy right now. I agree that I love her versatility with characters. I am also anticipating her Princess Agents drama.

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    • coffeenlucia says:

      Oops, the airing date is actually September 27, 2016. Sorry about that mistake! ZLY is one busy actor no doubt. I’m excited for Princess Agents as well, she’ll get to act alongside Lin Gengxin ^_^


      • maoh says:

        They have been moving the date so much, I wouldnt be surprised if they moved it again. And YESS about Lin Gengxin and her on Princess Agents. I have seen some bts pics going around and it looks like it will be so much fun. ZLY is playing a really strong character and her pics with LGX show a lot of chemistry.

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