Strong female lead in Hello Joann (你好乔安)

Hello Joann (你好乔安) has been a great drama so far, and I think it owes a lot, if not most, of the success to female lead Qiao An (played by Qi Wei). Her character is unabashedly honest, and though she is framed as a previously spoiled rich girl, she is actually attentive and cautiously ambitious in the working world.

Take the below scene for instance. She meets her new co-worker and rival, as they strive to keep their positions in a survival-of-the-fittest competition. Despite the two’s history of hating each other, the guy tells her he’ll act like she’s like any other co-worker in front of the others. But Qiao An replies “I also especially dislike you / but sorry / I won’t fake it”.

Sure, Qiao An can come off as sometimes being too brutally honest, but at least she won’t put on pretenses.

In another instance, Qiao An talks to the main male lead and shares some wise words.

Dude: Money and opportunities all need to be waited for. How come others can wait but you can’t?

Qiao An: Because I’m different. I also want to ask you a question. To ask why people, in the most beautiful time of their life, can’t receive more? They must wait until their face is all wrinkled to buy skin care products. To wait until their body is weak and then think of protecting their body. Their teeth already rotting, then they want to eat good things. Indeed, many people have missed the best time of their life. But I don’t want to.

As a sidenote: I love how Chinese netizens screencap dramas like this, with subtitles showing at the bottom to display long dialogue.


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