Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 2 Recap

The sheer amount of vocal talent in this show continues to amaze me. Episode 2 features a wide range of singing styles, from R&B to rock to trending pop ballads.

3:09 First up is Liu Xue Qing 刘雪婧 from Shanghai. She’s a college student and has a very playful, cheerful personality. She doesn’t have any direct plans for the future and thinks that while she’s young, she should just follow her dreams. She chooses an epic-sounding song about the importance of now, and she even raps. The rap is so-so but she’s got a powerful voice that shines through in the chorus. I think her voice gets a little nasally in the high notes but for the most part it is controlled. Wang Feng turns, and later so does Na Ying and Jay Chou. Though she hesitates on who she should choose, she settles on selecting Wang Feng as her teacher.

14:31 Next is Jie Ke Hao 吉克皓, 25 years old. I love his hair. When he starts singing, I’m taken aback initially because he sings in such a high register (even Na Ying asks 是男的女的?), but his voice is also so pure and clear. All four judges end up turning, Jay Chou first. However, since Ke Hao’s eyes were closed the entire time during the song, he actually didn’t see which judges turned. Jay Chou even goes on stage to hug him. Ke Hao says he’s come to this stage in hopes of getting a teacher who can teach him to find himself, since the city is so different from the quieter village where he’s from.When Harlem asks Ke Hao what type of music he likes the most, he answers black people’s music. And when Harlem says Ke Hao should come to his team, he chooses him as teacher!

28:11 The next singer is Bai Jing Chen 白静晨, a college student who likes to sing and play piano. And smile. He smiles a lot. Ayy he sings “A Little Happiness” by Hebe Tian! I still prefer the original, but his rendition is not bad. He’s certainly got stage presence, though, because suddenly when I watch him while he’s singing, it sounds a lot better than when I’m just listening to him in the background. As he transposes the song a key higher, Na Ying turns. And well, just like the song title 小幸运, he did certainly get some luck here with one judge turning.

37:07 Next up is Su Li Sheng 苏立生, 29 years old. Regarding technical abilities, I’d say his singing is superior to the guy who went before him. But his vocals aren’t exactly showcased until the chorus, where all that strength and raspiness of voice mesh perfectly with the emotions of the song. Na Ying and Wang Feng turn. Unlike other competitors, he admits that he didn’t really consider having to choose a judge, because he wanted to come here to perform for his mother and father. He says his ultimate dream is to buy his parents a house somewhere warmer in the winter than where they currently live. He ends up choosing Na Ying, which doesn’t really make sense to me because I feel like his voice is much more suited for rock music.

50:02 After that surprising pick in judges, next is Ceng Min Jie 曾敏杰, 20 years old from Guangdong. She is a very independent young lady, and actually came alone to compete on Sing!China without family or friends coming along. She sings an older R&B song, and not surprisingly, Harlem turns. Later Na Ying and Jay Chou also turn. And she chooses Jay Chou.

1:03:21 Liu Wen Tian 刘文天, 36 year old, who’s from Mongolia. He sings rock, and believes that not only does Sing!China need rock, the whole genre also needs a show like this (perhaps to gain more prominence? become more mainstream?). He’s really into the song and even raises the whole microphone, long pole and all, at one point. The whole crowd gets hyped up and even Wang Feng stands up. Na Ying also gives a standing ovation. Despite Na Ying trying to persuade him to join her team, he chooses teacher Wang Feng, which makes sense, given his rock background.

1:15:20 Zheng Jia Wen 郑迦文 is next, 19 years old and likes playing sports like soccer or basketball. In the intro video he explains how he loves to sing but doesn’t have much self-confidence in his ability. (Well dude, you are on Sing!China now… xD) His singing is quite good though, very sentimental and gentle. Gosh and he is kinda cute too. I bet if he became a Chinese idol he’d be popular in an instant.Wang Feng turns, and Jay Chou (at the last second) does so too. Funnily enough, Jia Wen wanted Na Ying to turn, because he listened to a lot of her songs in his childhood. Jia Wen chooses teacher Wang Feng in the end.

So at the end of episode 2, so far we have:

Team Na Ying: Su Li ShengBai Jing Chen, Yang Bo, Li Pei Ling

Team Harlem Yu: Jie Ke Hao

Team Wang Feng: Zheng Jia WenLiu Wen TianLiu Xue Qing, Jiang Ge Hao, Bai Ruo Xi

Team Jay Chou: Ceng Min Jie, Yong Miao, Xiang Yang

new members in bold


3 thoughts on “Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 2 Recap

  1. Karin

    I like jia wen’s style of singing and yes, he’s cute!! I really like the way he smiles 🙂 I like his audition’s song although it’s not that good as the second song he sang. Still, he’s the one that caught my attention, maybe because of his captivating looks 😀


  2. Mel

    I think now that the blind audition stage is over, this episode was the most snooze-inducing much, there weren’t a lot of standouts. I literally fell asleep watching this episode. Thank god the later episodes improved. The problem I feel is that there were a lot of competent singers but very few of them here has the stage presence or charisma to capture my attention.


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Yeah, I think part of the problem is that a lot of the songs the contestants choose don’t necessarily showcase the full range of their vocal ability, and instead have non-standout melodies or refrains. Stage presence plays a big role too, I agree.



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