Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 begins with a birthday celebration for Harlem Yu, with three of his previous students singing on stage as a present. Of course, all four judges turn. He even gets a birthday cake, aw. The other three judges give their birthday blessings, and there’s a really sweet atmosphere on stage for a while.

10:28 First up is 21-year-old Cheng Si Jia 程思佳, who sings Bang Bang. The crowd loves her and starts cheering loudly. Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to the original many times, or to this particular cover by Hyorin and Ailee, I just can’t seem to like her version of the song. I will say that she captures the energy of the song and her high notes are clear and pretty, though. But the pronunciation and shortening or lengthening of certain notes really impedes my enjoyment of her rendition. Anyway, all four judges turn for her performance, and the crowd aggressively cheers at the end. Though she’s cooed by all the judges, she chooses Jay Chou.

22:00 Next is Hou Zhi Bing 侯志斌, 27 years old, from Sichuan. He’s an online clothing store CEO and also a twin. His brother encouraged him to pursue his singing dream. He sings a recent song by Jay Chou, and guess who turns? Yep, Jay Chou, and Na Ying also. I have to say, his falsetto is beautiful. Turns out he (and his twin) actually has the same birthday (January 18) as Jay Chou. Dang, that coincidence though. BUT in a dramatic plot twist Zhi Bing ends up choosing Na Ying hahaha.

35:03 Xu Ge Yang 徐歌阳 is up next, a 20 year old from Xuan Yang. From the intro video we find out that she didn’t do so well in the gao kao and therefore is not in college. Nor does she have professional singing experience, but she’s passionate about singing. She has a resonant voice, and though unrefined towards the beginning, communicates the emotion in the song. Wang Feng, Na Ying, and Jay Chou turn. In the end she chooses teacher Wang Feng.

45:26 Ah Rui 阿瑞 is next up, a 26-year-old from Macau. He takes a creative approach, using a loop pedal and vocal beatboxing, all while playing guitar. As if that weren’t enough he also does a mashup with Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk. Somehow only Harlem and Wang Feng turn. The judges are fascinated with the loop pedal, lol, and all of them end up looping some random tune on the loop pedal as well. He’s also knows how to flatter the judges and even calls Harlem the Michael Jackson of China. Even after that compliment, though, he ends up choosing teacher Wang Feng.

1:04:44 Next is 29-year-old Yao Xi 姚希, from Guangdong. When she opened her mouth to sing, I fell in love with her voice. It’s so goshdarn smooth and she’s able to convey a subtle playfulness yet yearning in the song. Definitely one of my favorite singers so far. The best part? This was her fusion-style take on Little Apple. Yes. That song. Harlem, Jay, and Na Ying turn for her, and she chooses Harlem. YAS I AM TOTALLY ROOTING FOR HARLEM’S TEAM SO FAR.

1:13:34 26-year-old Pu Xiang 补翔 is from Xinjiang. He loves guitar a lot and sometimes even hugs it while he sleeps. He sings a song that even I, American-born, heard as a child. It’s an 80’s love song. His electric guitar was a good addition, and his raspy voice fits the song. All four judges turn. He chooses teacher Jay Chou.

1:27:34 Finally is Zhao Xiao Xi 赵小熙, 26 years old from Hainan. And oh shit, he has amazing stage presence and an amazing voice to back it up. Dammit this dude is also one of my favorites now too. AND YES HE JOINS HARLEM’S TEAM OK I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TEAM. Alright brb I’m going to rewind to when he starts singing.

So at the end of episode 3, so far we have:

Team Na Ying: Hou Zhi Bing, Su Li Sheng, Bai Jing Chen, Yang Bo, Li Pei Ling

Team Harlem Yu: Zhao Xiao XiYao Xi, Jie Ke Hao (MY FANGIRL SPIRIT ROOTS FOR THIS TEAM)

Team Wang Feng: Ah RuiXu Ge Yang, Zheng Jia Wen, Liu Wen Tian, Liu Xue Qing, Jiang Ge Hao, Bai Ruo Xi

Team Jay Chou: Pu XiangCheng Si Jia, Ceng Min Jie, Yong Miao, Xiang Yang

new members in bold


2 thoughts on “Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 3 Recap

  1. Mel

    Harlem definitely picked a gem! I think they mention that Xiao Xi has the fastest four turns in voc history. By the way thanks so much for your recapping, hope you’ll continue doing them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Thanks for reading the recaps! Xiao Xi’s been one of my favorites so far — love his voice and song choice.



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