Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 4 Recap

If I had to choose an episode that’s had the highest concentration of musical talent so far, I would probably pick Episode 4. If the first few episodes were the appetizers, then I’d say this was the main course. Gosh, if Sing!China can continue this momentum, I will definitely be following its later seasons.

The first “competitor” is actually the host of the show Li Yong 李泳, who sings a mashup of songs. All four judges turn, of course. They joke around asking him “Why have you come to this stage?” or “Is your family here today?”. When it comes time for Li Yong to choose a judge, he says “David” haha. David is what the judges say when they want the chairs to return back to the back of the auditorium.

8:55 First is Li Ruixuan, a 21-year-old college student from Chongqing, who demonstrates mastery over a variety of singing styles. He does rap, rock, and some falsetto stuff. At 11:38 he even attempts screamo. Jay Chou and Harlem Yu turn after the screamo part. The song ends a bit abruptly. Jay Chou asks him why he chose the song, and he says that he thought he might be able to add a different twist to the way the song was originally sang. When the judges ask him what’s his dream, he says it’s to maintain 初心, or his original feelings towards singing.

18:08 Next is 19-year-old 王闯 Wang Chuang, who is from 流水民族, which translates approximately to flowing water people. People in her village love to live by the river. She says that sometimes she even sings to the water ox. Her dream is to become a singing teacher. She says she wants to express the unique gentle feeling of the tribe when she’s on stage. Indeed, her voice has a soothing quality, reminding me of the cat lady from episode 1. Personally, I feel like the song she chose is a little too mundane and monotone, but it’s evident that she has a strong, clear tone. Na Ying turns first, then Wang Feng and Harlem. Wang Chuang says her mom really likes Na Ying’s songs, so at first it seems like she would choose Na Ying. In a turn of events, she chooses teacher Harlem! YAS.

32:06 Next is Shan Liang 单良, 23 years old (“这个名字比较狠” -Wang Feng xD). His voice is AMAZING. Seriously, go listen to his singing. It kinda reminds me of old-time Chinese opera singers. Jay Chou turns first, then Na Ying and Harlem. Shan Liang says he chose this song because his voice is very fitting for the song. His future goal is to become a singer who sings with heart and spirit. In the end he chooses teacher Jay Chou.

42:33 Next is Yang Mei Na 杨美娜, 27 years old from Jilinyanji. She sings Diamonds by Rihanna. Gosh her voice is so strong and beautiful ❤ That power and emotion behind her voice is just so great. At the end of the song, her husband watching the performance says “I love you wife!” And all four judges turn. She is a self-taught singer, and Na Ying even praises that her talent is pretty unbeatable. Wang Feng compliments that if he had to listen to Rihanna’s version or to her version of the song in the future, he’d listen to Mei Na’s rendition. Mei Na says she chose this song to represent how she feels like she’s like a diamond while performing on this stage. AND SHE CHOOSES TEACHER HARLEM. YAS. Seriously almost all of my favorites are going to his team.

57:08 None of the judges turn for this singer, unfortunately. Though his technical ability is quite strong, I do think some emotion is lacking. However, I feel like he sings better than the guy who sang “A Little Happiness” in Episode 2.

1:05:21 Next up is 22-year-old Vinida, from Fujian, Fuzhou. She says she is usually a reserved individual, until she found hip hop, where she could express her emotions through song. I’ve got to admit, usually I don’t like listening to Chinese hip hop because the rhythm and vibes just seem off, but Vinida’s singing and rapping are so catchy. Wang Feng turns first, then eventually all four judges end up turning. Apparently, a lot of Vinida’s family and friends disapprove of her singing hip hop, but she thinks that she still perseveres on this path. Her dream is for a hip hop or rap song to place in the top 5 of Chinese charts. Ultimately Vinida chooses teacher Na Ying.

1:18:52 Next is Yang Shan 杨山, 36 years old. He and his wife run a restaurant in Guizhou. They like travelling. His voice is very clean-sounding, perhaps suited more towards ballads or indie songs. Na Ying and Jay Chou turn. He obtains an autograph from Jay Chou for his wife, but chooses teacher Na Ying.

1:30:25 Finally we have 22-year-old Huang Jun Jie 黄俊杰, who goes to a music college. He owns 12 bass guitars and his dream is to become a singing / bass-playing master. He originally studied classical guitar. Interestingly enough, his performance does not include him bass-playing. His voice is very Zion T-like, and it suits the bossa-nova song he chose. Jay Chou turns first, and then Na Ying and Harlem. He chooses teacher Jay Chou.

So at the end of episode 4, so far we have:

Team Na Ying: Yang ShanVinida, Hou Zhi Bing, Su Li Sheng, Bai Jing Chen, Yang Bo, Li Pei Ling (7)

Team Harlem Yu: Yang Mei NaWang ChuangLi Ruixuan, Zhao Xiao Xi, Yao Xi, Jie Ke Hao (6)

Team Wang Feng: Ah Rui, Xu Ge Yang, Zheng Jia Wen, Liu Wen Tian, Liu Xue Qing, Jiang Ge Hao, Bai Ruo Xi (7)

Team Jay Chou: Huang Jun JieShan Liang, Pu Xiang, Cheng Si Jia, Ceng Min Jie, Yong Miao, Xiang Yang (7)

new members in bold


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