Cdrama My Little Princess 亲爱的公主病

This drama is delightful. Here’s a longer explanation.

If you’re familiar with Kdrama, no doubt you recognize this classic:

Now imagine Jandi as the second female lead. Imagine Jun Pyo as the second male lead. And whoever was the second female lead in Boys over Flowers as the female lead.

This is essentially My Little Princess. Our female lead is a rich, glamorous young lady with a headstrong attitude. She’s not quite the obedient, demure girl her fiancee wants to marry. In fact, he’s in love with his other classmate, who is kind but poor. But wait, there’s more– this love triangle broadens into a love rectangle. The male lead is a poor, hardworking classmate who gradually falls in love with the female lead after a series of SkipBeat-esque sequences. And the second female lead has a crush on the male lead.

If you are tired of seeing the same drama tropes, you should try watching this show. This is not to say that this series is completely unconventional– on the contrary, there are the usual drama tactics like accidental kisses and the male lead catching the female lead when she almost falls, etc. etc. But this drama pokes fun at itself when using such tropes. For instance, the female lead says “But that sounds like a line she would say” or “Why do I always see you around?”. The show admits and almost mocks these plot devices.

My Little Princess 亲爱的公主病 is a currently airing Chinese drama with six episodes released so far. The series stars Mike D’Angelo and Zhang Yu Xi.


2 thoughts on “Cdrama My Little Princess 亲爱的公主病

    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Yeah, it’s been a great show so far! Let me know what you think of it if you decide to watch the drama.



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