Wu Qian in Cdrama The Fox Fairy Court

My C-actress bias (along with ZLY) Wu Qian, stars in the Chinese drama The Fox Fairy Court 大仙衙门. I’ve barely read any news about this drama, but I’m not sure why it’s not more popular. The plot follows the fox fairy (acted by Wu Qian) who is able to appear in human form when the male lead, a self-employed detective, rescues her from the place she was trapped in. Whenever the fairy is about to turn back into fox form, she is able to escape harm and avoid doing so by having the male lead say “I am the person who likes you the most” (我是最喜欢你的人).

Basically the two go around solving mysteries. The fox fairy is able to smell and detect clues that normal humans are unable to sense. And the male lead is not tsundere, a refreshing change from the stereotypical suitor in dramas lately. He’s actually really nice and likes feeding the fox fairy a lot of meat (her favorite food). The fairy saves his life several times throughout the series and after one near-death incident, he basically forgets how much he loved the fox fairy and almosts marry another lady instead.

The Fox Fairy Court has 40 episodes and the whole series is on Youtube.

This is our male lead Wang Chuanjun (Eric Wang):

This is our female lead Wu Qian:

The second leads:

Bonus Wu Qian:

Here’s a poster for the drama:


4 thoughts on “Wu Qian in Cdrama The Fox Fairy Court

  1. KoS

    I love Wu Qian omg. She’s so lovable!

    Thanks for mentioning about this drama! I didn’t even know she was involved in this! o_____o



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