Friendship or love in C-movie Soulmate 七月与安生

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This upcoming C-movie Soulmate 七月与安生 stars Zhou Dongyu, Toby Lee (who also appears in Happy Dorm), and Sichun Ma (who most notably starred in The Left Ear). It is a coming-of-age film with a harem set-up, the male lead caught between the two female leads’ affections. 

The movie is an adaptation of the novel July and Ansheng (same title in Chinese), which tells the story of two girls who have been friends since they were thirteen years old. However, the two happen to fall for the same guy called Jia Ming, and fate follows. Ah, so it is one of those eternal friendship or love questions.

The movie is set to be released on September 14, 2016.

Short trailer:


In which we find out that Zhou Dongyu learned how to smoke for the first time in order to film her character. She has this air of quiet dignity around her in real life that I’ve also noticed in that dating show she was a part of earlier. But she also seems relaxed and is able to joke around with the other actors while filming– I feel like she would be a great actress in rom-coms, with a similar vibe as Gong Hyo Jin unnie. And can I just say that I love her hair here? It’s gorgeous.



11 thoughts on “Friendship or love in C-movie Soulmate 七月与安生

  1. Miss Attache

    I finally found the HD version on YouTube. Without English subs, though, so I need some spoilers here about the end (I can see that another viewer was also surprised by it). Did Ansheng write the novel, and she practically rewrote July’s life to give her a free-spirited life and adventures like she has always wanted to? Or was it July, and someone else published it?


    1. coffeenlucia Post author


      Ansheng wrote the whole web novel from the perspective of July. She wrote an ending to the story as if July went on a long vacation, because that’s what July had confessed wanting to do earlier, right before she gave birth. It’s a way for Ansheng to sort of “achieve” July’s dreams for her, since July died after giving birth and could not travel the world / be free like she wanted to be. July did not write any part of the novel.


  2. Shan

    Lol the movie had been taken down from utube.

    It is airing in america and sg now.

    Luckily we have seen it ..😃 so we don’t feel as curious


  3. Shan

    I came across this on utube (with no english sub, a bit blurred video and bad audio lol)

    The ending is shocking (it’s a sad ending). I dont recommend it.

    It surprised me that Zhou Dong Yu really learned to smoke (i thought she was faking it in the movie) lol lol


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Ya… I watched the movie a while ago…

      It’s not as good as I had anticipated. *Sigh.*

      The ending was alright, but the whole movie was kind of centered around a “plot twist” that didn’t really contribute to my enjoyment of character development.

      I thought the acting was strong though. Zhou Dongyu can still improve, but I’m still her fan ^_^


      1. shannymelbournian

        whee Lucia I’m glad you have watched it as well
        I wanted to ask, do you know why the groom ran away after their wedding day? Is it only because July asked him to leave (she didnt want to spend the rest of her life with a man who didn’t love her enough?)
        It is sooo weird why you ran away after you got married (
        Thanks. 🙂 🙂


        1. coffeenlucia Post author


          I think it was because he felt guilty that he could not truly love July. He basically had fallen in love with Ansheng from the beginning (like how he gave his necklace to her) and he could not commit to July, or bear to choose one or the other. It’s also perhaps why he went on runs so much. Because he kept running away from the issue, not wanting to choose.

          In the end we know he gave up on Ansheng, but by then everyone’s feelings had pretty much been broken into irreparable pieces.

          It was so sad when July said how she hated herself for disliking Ansheng for stealing the heart of the guy she liked…


          1. Shan

            Many thanks Lucia !

            Yea I also saw him giving his precious necklace to An Sheng at the station..(i was like, huh are u for real..)

            Poor July. don’t like the guy character at all .. 😣😣😣



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