Cdrama Remembering Wang Li Chuan 遇见王沥川


Remembering Wang Li Chuan is a Cdrama that recently finished airing. Here’s a link to the first episode on Youtube (without English sub). Before I say more about the drama, here is a brief spoilery section (skip down to End of Spoiler if you don’t want to know).


I’ve read that apparently there’s a sad ending to this drama, which makes me not want to watch the rest of it.


Remembering Wang Li Chuan stars Godfrey Gao and Jiao Jun Yan in the main roles. I’ve watched a few episodes and the basic plot goes something like this: Female lead works at a cafe as a server but after meeting a rude customer and his friend, talks back to them and ends up getting fired. Said friend turns out to be our male lead Li Chuan, whom the female lead mistakes as a taxi driver at first. After getting fired, the female lead gets hired as a on-the-job translator … and her first customer turns out to be the rude person from before. Rude dude and male lead are also co-workers (oh coincidences) and a long string of misunderstandings eventually clear to reveal the leads’ developing feelings for each other.


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