Hebe Tien – Soul Mate Chinese + English lyrics

I’ve been replaying this song so many times lately. A beautiful tune and equally gorgeous MV to match. Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien is perhaps most known for singing “A Little Happiness”, the theme song for hit Taiwanese movie Our Times, but she’s sang other songs that I think are just as good.

Soul Mate was released on August 21, 2016.

靈魂伴侶 / Soulmate

若你是一陣春天裡的風 If you were the autumn wind
那我一定是最遠的風箏 Then I must be the most far away kite
若你只是一道 某個弄堂緊鎖的門 If you were a tightly shut door
我是門外的藤 I am the vines outside the door

若你是難得一見的彩虹 If you were a rare rainbow
我願做路人驚嘆的叫聲 I’m willing to be the passerbys’ amazement
若你又是一顆 可望不可及*的星辰 If you were an unapproachable star
我便是眺望眼神 Then I am the eyes that gaze upon it

* a Chinese saying that means you can see yet cannot approach something

然而你選擇做平凡的人 Yet you choose to be an average person
於是我也就愛上你的人 And so I am the person who falls in love with you
甘願我的靈魂 困在這個肉身 Hoping that my spirit, trapped in this human body
只求能跟你相襯 Can only pray to be able to be suited with you

然而你已是最平凡的人 Yet you are the most average person
看著多美好心卻那麼笨 Looks so handsome and kind, yet so dumb
雙手和你碰過 肩膀和你擦過 The pair of hands you’ve touched, the shoulders that have barely met you
靈魂卻無法相認 But the spirit is unable to recognize the other

當你是不停追逐的秒針 If you were an ever-racing secondhand
我是你背後暗湧的齒輪 I am the gears behind you in the shadows
當你還是一滴 筆尖尚未乾透的藍 If you were a not yet dried blue from penpoint
我是紙背上的痕 I am the ink on the paper

原來你選擇做平凡的人 So you’ve decided to be an average person
卻不是一個會愛我的人 Yet not to be a person who will love me
不管我的靈魂 困在哪個肉身 No matter which human body my spirit is trapped in
都註定不會相襯 Fate had dictated would not be suited with you

原來我已是個平凡的人 So I am an average person
什麼都明白心卻那麼疼 I understand everything yet my heart hurts so much
和你談笑風生 和你談過心聲 To talk life, wind, and life with you, to talk the sound of my heart with you
靈魂卻不敢相認 But the spirit is unable to recognize the other


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