Tan Songyun, Kim Taehwan, Jiang Chao in Cdrama Fox’s Summer

As far as I know, there’s no official English title for this Cdrama yet, so I just translated the Chinese title 狐狸的夏天 directly as “Fox’s Summer”. There’s barely any information about it on Weibo right now (I can’t seem to find the drama’s Weibo). This would be Kim Taehwan’s second role in a Chinese drama, his first being a leading role in My Amazing Boyfriend, a popular Chinese webseries that aired earlier.

Someone posted on Weibo that the male lead of this idol drama switched to being Jiang Chao, so I guess that means Kim Taehwan is not the male lead? But the wording also confuses me: “switched” implies that the original first lead was not Jiang Chao– perhaps Kim Taehwan was supposed to play the character of male lead.

The drama stars Tan Songyun, Kim Taehwan, and Jiang Chao.

Here are some stills:


2 thoughts on “Tan Songyun, Kim Taehwan, Jiang Chao in Cdrama Fox’s Summer

  1. maoh

    I think Kim Taehwan was replaced due to the Korea-China tensions right now. China wants to decrease k-actors from their dramas. I feel bad for him since he doesn’t have a career in Korea and now can’t promote in China. Is that the girl from Tornado Girl 2? She looks much older with this makeup. I thought she was a high schooler from the other drama. Make-up does wonders ^^


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Gosh I feel sorry for him. Hopefully he isn’t completely out of the drama– I didn’t see any stills of the show with him in it… And yes the female lead is Tan Songyun from Tornado Girl. She often plays high school roles although she’s actually 26 years old. She does look a lot more mature in this drama.



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