Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 7 Recap

Team Jay Chou is the second group (Team Wang Feng went first) to go through the elimination rounds to reduce members from 10 to top 5. However, since his team starts out with 12 members, he has all the members sing a song again and then re-evaluates them. Ultimately Yong Miao and another contestant that never got air time prior to this episode are eliminated. Then, his team is divided into 5 pairs, and only one singer from each pair can move on.

Jay Chou’s assistant coach is revealed to be Fei Yuqing, a Taiwanese singer who specializes in Mandopop and Jazz music. But wait– after he finishes singing the opening song, Jay Chou joins him onstage for a duet. I think I might prefer Jay Chou’s voice over his, but he certainly showcases his singing experience well. Fei Yuqing also gives some encouraging words to the students before they begin to battle, saying that each one of them receive over 100 points in his mind.

Before the pairs begin to battle, Jay Chou shows the audience the 惊喜 or surprise he kept mentioning in previous episodes. It turns out each of his students will receive a nice pair of headphones and then something to listen to music with (听歌的). All of this is packaged in a nice box. Jay Chou also encourages his students to just relax, and that yes, although some people will be eliminated and descend the stage platform, this only means that they have another opportunity to rise again. Whoa, such poetry.

The pairs are as follows:

Low-key duo vs. Cheng Si Jia

(Low-key duo wins)Image result for 10:31 【选手片段】包师语《彩虹》VS 曾敏杰《伤痕》

Low-key duo, composed of Yang He Su and Zhang Xin Yue perform Bad by Michael Jackson, while the rap is in Chinese. I don’t think the girl captures the sort of playful energy of the song, and the rap also seems overly aggressive — but the guy’s got skills, and is able to rap quite fast at a consistent speed. On the other hand, I think Cheng Si Jia communicates emotion right in her jazzy performance. There are some parts I thought she could tone down the volume, especially in the verses before the chorus, but overall a successful performance.

Jay Chou says his palms are sweaty and that although he really wants to relax, it’s hard to do so. Assistant coach says he would choose the low-key duo. Harlem Yu praises the rap, though he says he was unable to understand the words although the rap was in Chinese. Na Ying agrees but then says Vinida (on her team) is able to communicate rap in a way that others can understand. Wang Feng says something I was thinking during the performance — that Cheng Si Jia has improved since the first blind audition.

Low-key duo thanks their teacher. Cheng Si Jia tears up, says that she’s a very ordinary girl, but she loves singing and feels lucky to stand on such a large stage. Before Jay Chou selects the winner, he says that the eliminated person will get to perform at his own concert, so it’s kind of a win-win scenario. He ultimately chooses low-key duo to move on in Sing! China.

Yu Tian vs. Shan Liang

(Yu Tian wins)

Image result for 10:31 【选手片段】包师语《彩虹》VS 曾敏杰《伤痕》

Yu Tian sings a mashup of a Chinese song and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. His vocal technique is very strong, and the belted notes don’t seem strained. And whoa– he transitions to the Chinese song just like that, and as different as the song genres are, he somehow makes it work. I prefer the Chinese part over the English part, actually, where his smooth vocals shine. Shan Liang also sings a Chinese-English mashup, and the Chinese part is sang very well, with ease. His belted notes seem very opera-like, but he can just as quickly transition to a lip roll, which is cool.

Na Ying praises Shan Liang’s unique vocal color and says that his ability to make everyone feel so happy when he sings is deserving to win. Wang Feng compliments Yu Tian’s good transition from singing Chinese to English. Harlem says that in Yu Tian’s voice he can hear Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Neville Brothers but also praises Shan Liang as having a similar voice as teacher Feiqing’s. Ooh, high praise all around. Jay Chou says that the both of them achieve full marks on stage today.

Yu Tian says that he really likes how Chinese songs are so different from other countries’ and also thanks his grandma for coming to see his performance today. Shan Liang says “I love you” to his girlfriend, aw. Jay Chou selects Yu Tian as the one to be moving on in the competition.

Bao Shi Yu vs. Ceng Min Jie

(Ceng Min Jie wins)

Alright, when Bao Shi Yu begins singing 彩虹 by Jay Chou, I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER VOICE. Simply gorgeous. Y’all should listen to this performance. Sadness permeates through her rendition of the song. She struggles a little with the lower notes particularly in the verses, but I almost don’t care because I love this performance. Oh gosh, Ceng Min Jie also puts up an impressive stage with an emotive R&B / Mandopop song.

Wang Feng says it’s hard to choose. Na Ying says she really likes how Min Jie put her own twist on the Mandopop song and says that it’s unique. Assistant coach echos the same thought. Jay Chou says his initial impression is this: Bao Shi Yu sang “Rainbow” and let him see rainbow, Ceng Min Jie sang “Hurt” and let him not see hurt. Apparently Min Jie was assigned to sing a different song at first but knew she was not suited for it and straightforwardly asked to sing a more suiting song. It worked out well.

Bao Shi Yu asks for a Jay Chou autograph for her friend. Ceng Min Jie says she’s thankful that her co-workers showed up today to watch her perform and tears up a bit. Ultimately Jay Chou chooses Ceng Min Jie to move on in the competition.

Xiang Yang vs. Huang Jun Jie

(Xiang Yang wins)

Image result for 向洋《我们都寂寞》VS 黄俊杰《迷迭香》

I came across a few Youtube covers Xiang Yang, or Nathan Hortono, sang, and I’ve gotta say this guy’s got a lot of talent. I foresee a long singing career ahead of him. He sings a Chinese song, and although pronunciation still needs work, he’s got an intuitive understanding for the emotion behind the sad ballad. Also, his stage presence is impeccable. Really knows how to engage the audience. Huang Jun Jie sings a bossanova song, and all the while I’m just sad this guy has to go against Xiang Yang. He has such a beautiful voice.

Assistant coach Yu Qing praises Jun Jie’s rendition of Jay Chou’s song as very comfortable to listen to. Wang Feng says Xiang Yang is very handsome, but seemed to put on an exaggerated performance today. Harlem advises Jay Chou if he wants music, then choose Jun Jie, and if he wants vocals, then choose Xiang Yang.

Xiang Yang says that last year he would never have expected to be able to sing a Chinese song on a Chinese competition and is very thankful. Jun Jie says his parents have been very accommodating to his dream to pursue music and says he loves his mom. Jay Chou chooses Xiang Yang to continue in the competition. Xiang Yang says he won’t let go of this opportunity and thanks teacher Jay Chou.

Wu Jiang vs. Pu Xiang

(Pu Xiang wins)

Image result for 10:31 【选手片段】包师语《彩虹》VS 曾敏杰《伤痕》

Wu Jiang commands the stage with a great reggae cover and the crowd is all hyped up. But Pu Xiang’s stage is just as great, and I love the way he sings that no-lyrics interlude. Probably my second favorite performance of the night, after Bao Shi Yu’s.

Yu Qing says that Pu Xiang singing the Mongolian song brought forth an image to his mind of the expansive landscape and lets his spirit rest. Na Ying agrees and says she’s almost flying, and the song even almost made her cry. Wang Feng’s still a little salty that Pu Xiang didn’t choose his team, but says he made a good choice to be on Team Jay Chou, since his performance today was so great. Harlem praises Wu Jiang’s reggae, and says that the specialty of reggae is its laziness, and Wu Jiang was able to communicate that through his interpretation of the song.

Ultimately Jay Chou chooses Pu Xiang to move on in the competition.


So at the end of Episode 7, the top 5 singers on Team Jay Chou are Low-key duo, Yu Tian, Ceng Min Jie, Xiang Yang, and Pu Xiang.

Extra! Here are some gifs of the judges, credit to the 中国新歌声 weibo.

Jay Chou





Harlem Yu





Wang Feng





Na Ying


One thought on “Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 7 Recap

  1. Karin

    I really love the song that Bao Shi Yu sung. When she started singing I fell in love with her voice immediately. Too bad she was eliminated that early, her opponent was quite strong too. Anyways, thanks for the recap!!! My english isn’t really good but I understand what you wrote and I appreciate it too! 🙂



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