Thoughts on My Little Princess episodes 7-8

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My Little Princess 亲爱的公主病 continues to be an entertaining show, although episodes 7 and 8 introduce more conflict and less fluff.

Is the second female lead written in such a manner that the audience is supposed to dislike her? I find myself sympathizing with, rather than loathing, this character. Sure, this drama gives new perspective on the typical Candy role, simply by relegating her position to second lead. The series attempts creating tension between the leads’ relationship when the second female lead is found out to like the male lead, but this comes across more as annoying if we’re rooting for Xingchen, rather than despicable.

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The second female lead believes naively that Xingchen has it all – money, high status, talent, but Xingchen tells her that they’re at the same school and if she tried hard, she could also achieve great things. She proceeds to tell her essentially that the princess life isn’t a fairy tale, since though she possesses many material things, people flock towards the second female lead. The price of being a princess is loneliness.

Though there is some truth to this revelation, I can’t help but think that Xingchen is oversimplifying the scenario. It’s not as if there’s only two possible sides, being alone and having many friends. More importantly is that Xingchen doesn’t realize she does have friends, and genuine friends at that. It will be interesting to see when she discovers that Teddy Bear Prince has been supporting her all this time.


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