f(x) Victoria YinYueTai interview

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Kpop group f(x)’s leader Victoria, otherwise known as Song Qian, was recently interviewed by YinYueTai. She recently starred in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, so a lot of the interview was centered around her role in the movie.

Here are some of the things covered in the interview:

When asked to describe her character in the movie, she says she plays Xuan Xuan, daughter in a wealthy family who has a pure, kind personality and is lively — essentially the Candy role — and she pursues love bravely in the film.

Victoria thinks she’s similar to Xuan Xuan in that the both of them, no matter what they are thinking or how they are feeling, will express their emotions directly. When Victoria’s happy, then she’s happy, and and when she’s sad, she’s sad. She compares this to Xuan Xuan, who is sweet to Lin Ran when she’s happy, and goes to talk to Gu Jia when she has woes regarding her relationship.

She says Feng Shao Feng and Shu Qi are both experienced and good actors, so she was scared to work with them for the first time. However, over time as everyone became more familiar with each other, and since the filming atmosphere was great, everyone was able to communicate well. If there were any problems, they could be talked over and resolved. Victoria says she learned a lot from the two actors.

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She’s asked to describe any interesting events that occurred while filming, and Victoria details how during the filming outside of China, there were lots of yummy food, she tried to give some sweets to Shu Qi, who exhibits much self-control when it comes to food. And Shu Qi would say “You devil, go away. I won’t eat it.” Victoria would leave the food there for Shu Qi to smell, and later Shu Qi admitted eating a bit of it. Victoria herself enjoys eating food and says that she eats any yummy food.

The interviewer asks if she prefers a certain type of clothing, since she’s appeared in so many magazines lately, especially fashion ones. Victoria says she likes simpler clothing, like wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans in the summer and winter. She doesn’t like one-piece outfits.

She says she likes any nicknames her fans give her, although she doesn’t remember one on the top of her head.

Here is the interview:


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