“Days of Our Own” talks regret

I cried while watching the video. I haven’t cried for a drama or movie in weeks, but now a movie preview has got me all emotional.

“Days of Our Own” is an upcoming C-movie about youth, and since the Chinese title is directly translated to “Our Ten Years”, the movie decided to film a sort of preview segment highlighting various peoples’ regrets. The first man shown is a Zhao Liying fan, but I think the rest of the interviewees play some part in the movie filming process.

What is your regret in the past ten years?

Man 1: My biggest regret in the last ten years is… not marrying Zhao Liying!

Man 2: I just saw a few people playing basketball near the entrance, and I began to think about my past school life, some images resurfaced in my mind.

Woman 1: If we’re talking ten years ago, I was having some conflicts regarding acting, and there were some inconsistencies, and we couldn’t be together.

Woman 2: My biggest regret is that the last time I talked to my mother was by phone, and we were arguing.

Woman 3: There was someone who really cared for me. But I… stubbornly refused his good will.

Man 2: I remember in the past… I suppose the longest time was three years, back in that time I called them on the phone once a month.

Woman 2: My parents separated when I was fifteen. I lived with my father. But two years later, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Woman 1: In an instant, the dynamic changed. Though we lived in the same dorm, we would never talk to each other.

Man 2: I left, and my parents were left at home. They were actually quite lonely.

Woman 2: A book detailing similar medical conditions was sent to my home, and that’s how I found out.

Woman 3: Perhaps at that time I thought that trying only led to losing more and more, so I was afraid to let go of my thinking.

Woman 2: I only remember the last thing I said to her was “You absolutely do not understand me. I never want to see you again.”

Man 3: This is probably… what I consider to be… what I blame myself most for.

Woman 1: In an instant we were like ice to each other.

Man 2: Over break, I went back to visit my parents. I discovered that they had aged a lot.

Woman 2: I think in the last argument we had I really caused you to be very angry. You did all these things so that I really wouldn’t have to see you again.

*The next part of the video has the interviewees more directly dealing with the regret.*

Woman 3 talks on the phone, saying “I know. You will always protect me.”

Woman 2 says, with tears in her eyes, “If you can let me see you more often in my dreams, I feel like, you will have given me the best present ever.”

Man 2 calls his mom and says “I love you mom.”

Man 3 calls someone and says “Thank you. Thank you for being by my side, for growing up with me.”

Days of Our Own releases on September 2, 2016.


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8 Responses to “Days of Our Own” talks regret

  1. Justiffa says:

    i want to watch this soooo much but thoughts of kimi qiao keeps making me cry… and i’m not even a fan. i cant imagine the devastation his family & friends must be feeling. may u rest in peace kimi

    Liked by 1 person

    • coffeenlucia says:

      When I read the news of his passing, I was in such shock I could scarcely even process it. May he rest in peace. I still don’t even know if I will be able to watch “Days of Our Own” without breaking down in tears…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lizzie says:

    Didn’t know this was showing already – must try to find it online. Thanks for heads up

    Ps, hi Maoh! 🙂


  3. maoh says:

    Thank you for this! I actually really want to see the movie. It is getting pretty good reviews and I feel like it would touch me. LOL at the first guy
    P.S. I like your new layout ^^


    • coffeenlucia says:

      I want to watch the movie too, but I also don’t like sad endings, and this film definitely seems to lean towards the side of “realistic but gritty” …

      Glad you like the new layout!


      • maoh says:

        It does look like it will have a sad ending, but it feels like one of those heartwarming movies. Like a coming of age story which always has a lot realism. I don’t enjoy sad movies either but sometimes I like watching coming of age movies.

        Liked by 1 person

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