C-movie Soulmate receives high praise from the media, releases song MV

soulmate cmovie

Upcoming C-movie Soulmate 七月与安生 premieres on September 14, but some people previewed the movie some days ago. The reactions from the audience are overwhelmingly positive, especially towards movie script.

Soulmate tells the story of two best friends who fall in love with the same man. The movie stars Sichun Ma as July, Zhou Dongyu as Ansheng and Toby Lee as Jiaming.

Here is the song MV, sung by Leah Dou:

I have translated some of the reviews below, but if anyone would like to see the original Chinese text it is available here.

Huang Yating:

I’ve never seen any of Anniebaby’s works, and never thought I’d be touched by a movie adaptation of her novel, and originally I was anticipating Soulmate because of Chen Kexin [director], and after watching the movie I was even touched that a male director could understand women’s jealousy. The director says that 90% of women are all like July, but that actually 90% of women all hope to be a combination of July and Ansheng. Zhou Dongyu’s performance is very praiseworthy; after all these years, she’s finally found a role that suits her.

Cui Qiaoqiao:

Surprisingly good. Surprisingly good! Haven’t read the original novel, but coincidentally after watching another drama I then watched this movie, and I liked this movie’s ending over the other’s, not just because I cried while watching the film.

Yang Lianjie:

It is rare that a movie adaptation surpasses the original work.  July and Ansheng are no longer portrayed as the red rose and white rose like they were in the original, but instead they are a person’s left hand and right hand; the movie does not show two female characters fighting for the guy to love, but instead is life’s fight with oneself.




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