List of new Cdramas airing in September 2016

li yi feng sparrow chinese drama

New month, more dramas. Lots of dramas.

September 1: Great Marriage Custom 大嫁风尚

Starring Yang Zi and Qiao Zhenyu, this drama exists to serve as a comparison to Legend of Chusen. The real question is do you prefer seeing Yang Zi like this:

or like this:

It also wishes to test my ability to read fancy font:

Why yes, that is an official English title at the bottom of the poster. But exactly what does it say? After pondering wonder or not it read “Great marriage cu8ton”, I now realize it actually reads “Great marriage custom”.

September 5: Sparrow 麻雀

Hm, I might have slightly blogged a little about this drama before. This drama will feature much brooding, a lot of Li Yifeng, and most probably a love triangle, if not a love rectangle. I mean, they have released blatant shipping videos, all featuring Li Yifeng. He’s a popular man, isn’t he.

September 7: Chinese Style Relationship 中国式关系

This drama may enlighten us on what exactly is a Chinese style relationship, and how it differs from any other type of relationship.

September 8: 怒火英雄

There does not appear to be an official English title for this drama yet. Starring Deng Jiajia and Wang Lei, this republican drama will showcase pretty people fighting. Even Wang Lei’s Weibo ID is @王雷ACTION — perfect.

September 8: Vive Les Femmes 太太万岁

From the released stills so far it looks like a family drama to me. Also the two below make a really good-looking OTP:

Smiles, family, and sun:

September 9: Forever Love 爱情万万岁

What, is it a battle of the 万岁s now? One 万岁 was not enough, so they had to add in a 万万岁 instead? xD

September 27: Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂

Zhao Liying appears to never rest… See my past blog post regarding this drama.

September 28: The Good Fellas 好家伙

Li Chen heads this Cdrama. The bottom picture resembles a visual illusion if you look closely:

September 29: Double Thorn 双刺

Yes, I know a double thorn. One thorn is that Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu’s republican drama Sparrow begins airing on September 5. The second thorn is that Zhao Liying and Lu Yi’s republican drama Rookie Agent Rouge begins airing on September 27. To be not only a republican drama but also starting after these two high-profile projects is tough indeed.



2 thoughts on “List of new Cdramas airing in September 2016

  1. maoh

    lol at the name of YangZi’s drama. It looked like an 8 to me too
    it is nice to see YangZi’s cuter side after her cold face in Legend of Chusen. I am planning on watching Rookie Agent. Hopefully by that time I am done watching some other dramas bc I have too many right now.


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      I feel kind of bad for Yang Zi because her character is written in such a stiff manner in Legend of Chusen.

      I’m definitely planning to watch Rookie Agent Rouge too! I also want to check out Sparrow because it looks awesome from the previews released so far.



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