New Chinese drama Great Marriage Custom 大嫁风尚

Great Marriage Custom 大嫁风尚, otherwise known as Perfect Wedding, began airing on August 1, 2016. The new Chinese drama stars Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu, Athena Chu, Wu Gang, Shi An, and Ning Danlin. 

The story follows Xia Ran, a spirited wedding event planner in her twenties. When her company decides to execute one of the wedding plans Xia Ran wrote– starring herself as the bride, Xia Ran is excited and contacts her boyfriend Jian Nan to show up at a photo rehearsal event as the groom. However, when he does not appear at the event and sends her a message “Sorry, I am not ready yet”, Xia Ran goes to his apartment to find him and meets his flatmate Jin Zhihao, a plastic surgeon with past relationship woes to deal with himself.

The first episode is available on Youtube and can be found here.

Bonus gifs credit to the 大嫁风尚 weibo:



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