Zhang Yishan and Zhou Dongyu to star in upcoming Chinese drama 春风十里不如你


Zhang Yishan and Zhou Dongyu lead upcoming Cdrama 春风十里不如你 that begins filming in October 2016, according to recent reports. There is no official English title for the series yet.

The drama’s plot follows Qiu Shui (Zhang Yishan), from Beijing, who follows his parents’ wishes to pursue medicine. During his eight years studying in college, he becomes acquainted with Bai Lu (Zhou Dongyu), and the two become a couple. After graduation, Qiu Shui and Bai Lu break up. Now, after several years, Qiu Shui suddenly reappears, saddened by his friends’ different lives now, and feels especially nostalgic towards his youth.

Picture credit to 八组兔区每日爆料 Weibo.


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