Rookie Agent Rouge releases OST MV

Image result for 胭脂爱让我勇敢

Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂 has recently released a music video for one of its OST “Love Makes Me Brave” (Chinese title: “爱让我勇敢”). The republican drama, starring Zhao Liying and Lu Yi, begins airing on September 27.

I’ve recently started watching Sparrow, another republican drama, and it’s quite good. If Rookie Agent Rouge can match the quality of Sparrow’s writing and acting so far, it will be a fierce competition to see which show achieves higher viewership ratings.


3 thoughts on “Rookie Agent Rouge releases OST MV

  1. maoh

    I really like this MV. I think so far this is the best teaser yet. I think Sparrow will have higher ratings since it is airing on a more popular network, much more promotion, and hype.
    That being said, I just want a good interesting drama.



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