Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 9-11 Recap

Episodes 9-11 Recap

At the site of the exchange, Liu Sanmu is killed by Shanhai’s men, and Wu Long manages to dodge bullets by jumping into a nearby river. Dachun reports this to Shanhai, who in turn tells Bicheng the news.

Wu Long’s escape complicates matters for both Shanhai and Chen Shen. From Shanhai’s point of view, Wu Long’s presence is a thorn because he may tell Zhongliang of the strange exchange that took place – Shanhai’s identity as spy may be revealed. Chen Shen also cannot let Wu Long see Zhongliang, because he will be unable to explain his own role in this incident unless he exposes Shanhai and Bicheng’s true roles as enemy spies. Thus, both parties begin the search for Wu Long. At the same time, Shanhai begins to suspect Chen Shen, and vice versa, as being unusual.

Bicheng and Shanhai receive a coded report from headquarters, and they decipher the message together. The command tells them to proceed with the mission and to kill those Chinese traitors who were named on Shanhai’s sheet of paper – including Chen Shen. Shanhai’s plan, as he tells Bicheng, is to take opportunity of the birthday party and kill Chen Shen there. Bicheng is visibly upset by the news and begins to cry inside her room.

However, she plans to save Chen Shen on her own. She makes up an excuse to Dachun that Xiaonan, Chen Shen’s girlfriend, doesn’t like her very much and will only complicate matters if she shows up to the party, and has Dachun stage an incident where Xiaonan is trapped inside a room. Bicheng’s true thoughts is that by instigating this event, Chen Shen will save Xiaonan instead of showing up at the party and getting killed.

Wu Long calls Zhongliang’s office, but one of his assistants picks up since Zhongliang’s not in town at that moment. Wu Long is desperate and says that no matter what Zhongliang has to see him at a particular cafe at 1 pm. Chen Shen hears this and heads over there instead, but Wu Long manages to escape once again after throwing a stick at Chen Shen.

Bicheng asks a little kid to call Chen Shen and tell him about Xiaonan being kidnapped. He is to bring money to the place at 8 pm (this would conflict with Boss Li’s party) and to go alone, without reporting this to the police. Bicheng rewards the child with candy.

Chen Shen begins to investigate the situation, asking one of Xiaonan’s friends when she left. “Around 12:30,” she says. Chen Shen rules out the possibility of the kidnapper being Wu Long since at that time he was rushing to get to the cafe. He deduces that whoever created this scenario must have wanted to avoid him going to the party, but for what reason?

At Boss Li’s party, guess who shows up? Chen Shen. Bicheng is shocked and drops the plate of cake she was about to eat. A flashback reveals that it was actually Chen Shen’s people that helped organize the kidnapping – Li Xiaonan is safe and back at home. Tao Dachun had not wanted to make this event traced back to his own people, so he hired some small group of gangsters to take care of the kidnapping business instead. It turns out that these people were Chen Shen’s men.

Chen Shen and Bicheng talk on a balcony where he tells her he knows about the whole Wu Long / Liu Sanmu situation, and has hopefully helped her in exchange for his and Zhongliang’s safety tonight. He then points out Wu Long, who just happens to be standing outside the gates of the hotel, waiting worriedly for Zhongliang to appear. Bicheng tells this to Shanhai, and begs him not to kill Chen Shen.

Meanwhile, Wu Long is desperately trying to contact Zhongliang, who has since entered the party hall. He persistently calls by public telephone but his attempts are blocked by Bicheng, who pretends to be engaged in a long call with a friend on the phone Wu Long is trying to reach.

The party moves outside to watch fireworks, while Wu Long still tries to get Zhongliang’s attention. Shanhai escorts him to the side and says later he can meet Zhongliang. But when Dachun starts aiming a gun at Zhongliang, who notices, Shanhai pushes Wu Long in the trajectory of the bullet, killing him and saving Zhongliang. Chen Shen is glad that he is safe, but also is now aware that Shanhai is just as smart as Zhongliang, if not smarter.

Back at home, Shanhai tells Bicheng that her actions tonight may arouse people’s suspicion – her dropping the plate when Chen Shen entered the party hall, and her rushing towards Chen Shen first after the bullets fired. Shanhai tells her that no matter what, he’s got to the person she trusts the most. Bicheng agrees, adding one condition: he is not to kill Chen Shen.

Zhongliang starts to suspect Bicheng and Shanhai. He knows about Chen Shen and Bicheng’s past together, and tells him to get close to Bicheng. If possible, he is to get any information on Shanhai. Meanwhile, the married couple’s activities are followed by someone.

The married couple aren’t the only ones being suspected. Chen Shen begins to think Xiaonan is not an average person. There was the whole incident with her getting his bag, and now her calm attitude even when being kidnapped.

Shanhai goes to find Dachun to tell him not to continue with the attack on Chen Shen and Zhongliang, but Dachun is not there.


Who exactly is Sparrow? Originally I thought it was Chen Shen, but the drama has never directly confirmed this. I came across this Youtube video which basically theorizes that one of Zhongliang’s assistants, Er Bao, is the Sparrow. Perhaps there is no single sparrow – when Qiuxia was interrogated, didn’t she mention that the sparrows are everywhere? Hm. The plot thickens.

Zhang Ruoyun reveals how his drama character feels about Bingcheng. In an recent interview, Zhang Ruoyun said that Shanhai struggles with his feelings about Bicheng, since they are supposed to be in a fake marriage, and his developing affection for her would only bring them more danger; thus, he has to control his feelings for her. Zhang Ruoyun also reveals that Li Yifeng has a very unique personality in real life, that you might think he’s in a bad mood one day, but he’ll actually greet you with friendliness out of nowhere.

Pictures and gifs credit to 电视剧麻雀 Weibo.


6 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 9-11 Recap

  1. Moonlight

    Noooo I feel like BingCheng is putting Shanhai into danger 😦 She’s making rash decisions which might expose their cover 😥 Don’t want Shanhai to die …


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      It’s kinda interesting that even Zhou Dongyu mentioned in several interviews / press conferences that she thinks her own character in the drama is “笨”, or dumb. I think Bingcheng just tends to act on her emotions more readily than the more logic-oriented Shanhai or Chen Shen. Hopefully she learns in the future that being so impulsive will actually put her, Shanhai, and Chen Shen in more danger.


  2. amaliapus

    I only watch the eng subbed version until ep 3 as it is available, but now I’m wondering that Shanhai and Bingcheng aren’t actually on the same side as Zhongliang? What do I miss here? But they’re clearly not with Chen Shen either~


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Yeah Shanhai and Bingcheng are not on the same side as Zhongliang. They are spies for a different party. They are also not on the same side as Chen Shen, who is a communist disguised as a Chinese traitor. As towards which party Shanhai and Bingcheng are a part of, I’m actually not too sure. If anyone could help clarify that would be great.


  3. Moonlight

    Same I’m wondering that Li Xiao Nan isn’t who we think she is… Maybe her acting job is just a cover for her? Mmmh anyone wondering perhaps she could be communist like Chen Shen ?


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Yes I think she is actually on the same side as Chen Shen, but disguises her identity for some reason. I’m not sure why the cover is necessary – perhaps so that it is easier to hide the truth from Zhongliang and the others.



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