Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 12-13 Recap

Episodes 12-13 Recap

The next arc commences. Before I start the recap: Zhou Dongyu acts the role of Xu Bicheng, not Xu Bingcheng – sorry for this earlier typo!

Tao Dachun, who is working for Shanhai, creates another plan to attack Chen Shen. He implants a bomb in Chen Shen’s room. That night when Li Xiaonan visits him, she accidentally touches the container the bomb is located in, activating it. Chen Shen has her carefully remove her hands from the bomb as he places his hands on the container, and he tells her to run to outside the building. She tearfully agrees, and the bomb explodes. Chen Shen isn’t too badly hurt, however, since he hides behind a sofa to shield the impact.

Shanhai was trying to look for Dachun during this time to tell him to stop the plans to harm Chen Shen and Zhongliang, but was unable to do so until right after this incident. He is the one who brings Chen Shen to the hospital. Bicheng worriedly runs towards the hospital, asking a little too intently about Chen Shen’s injuries. Zhongliang and Xiaonan suspect Bicheng. Chen Shen and Zhongliang talk afterward about who might be behind this incident, but they deduce that if it was Shanhai, why would he bring him to the hospital and not kill him right there?

On the car ride home Bicheng chastises Shanhai for not contacting Dachun earlier, and Shanhai says if he had done so earlier, it would have compromised his identity. To Bicheng, is he or Chen Shen more important? Bicheng tells him not to act his part of husband so earnestly. But Shanhai essentially confesses to her – indirectly – that he likes her.

Shanhai’s alibi is that he just so happened to be buying books at a nearby bookstore. Dachun temporarily kidnaps the bookstore owner and has one of his men act like the owner when Zhongliang comes to investigate the truth. Zhongliang appears to believe the cover story. Dachun then gives a bunch of money to the original owner and tells him to leave Shanghai.

Zhongliang’s wife likes Xiaonan and wants her to get married to Chen Shen. Zhongliang suggests the Xiaonan live in a new house (since she’s unable to afford the rent at her old apartment)… that just happens to be next to where Bicheng and Shanhai live. This would allow Chen Shen more opportunities to investigate the couple. Zhongliang also has one of his assistants look more into Xiaonan’s background.

Once Bicheng hears Shanhai’s confession, she doesn’t feel safe and writes up a whole list of guidelines for him to follow, such as him not being allowed to talk anything but work with her. He signs the agreement without looking at it too closely, and replies “If this gives a sense of security, then I’ll obey these rules.” He also hands her a gun, and tells her to put it underneath her pillow. If he ever disobeys the rules, he tells her she can kill him.

Shanhai and Bicheng receive a new mission: to find a top secret document in Zhongliang’s office, which is also being sought for by Sparrow. Bicheng wonders how they can find it, and Shanhai suggests they follow Sparrow’s actions closely. This brings up the next question – who is Sparrow? They suspect Chen Shen, for two main reasons. 1) Why else would he help them in the Wu Long arc? 2) His suspicious behavior that seemed to want to help Qiuxia escape the agent headquarters.

They have dinner with Boss Li, who suggests Bicheng switch jobs in the office, since she’s bored with her current position. Her new job comprises of organizing reports that come into the office. Bicheng agrees readily, though Shanhai is more hesitant. He thinks Bicheng might be tricked with a fake report from Zhongliang, or get swayed by her feelings once more. She tells him she’ll always tell him what reports she’s read in the office.

The first test arrives. Bicheng reads a report regarding one of her friends back when she was in school, who is to be investigated by the office. Essentially anyone investigated by Zhongliang’s office is also an euphemism for being killed. Bicheng does not wish for this to happen to her best friend, and pleads Chen Shen to help (who declines), and then pleads Shanhai (who also declines).


I’m loving the OST. It’s dramatic, epic, and sets an appropriately somber tone for the series. Soundtrack links for anyone interested: Title song Fly 飞 (do not watch the music video though, because there are major spoilers), and another song from the OST 風中芭雷.

Not sure how I feel about Xiaonan and Chen Shen’s engagement. On the one hand, I actually don’t mind this couple, since Xiaonan obviously loves Chen Shen and he cares for her too. On the other hand, it’s precisely the fact that he just cares for her, rather than loving her as if she was his lover, that is the issue. Chen Shen treats her like a sister, and in the future Xiaonan may feel lonely if her feelings aren’t reciprocated.

Bicheng’s actions are somewhat frustrating. In past episodes she seemed to repent and genuinely want to change her habit of resorting to her emotions or discussing things with Chen Shen. But she has continued to rely on and trust Chen Shen more than she trusts Shanhai, which raises so many questions. Is she truly loyal to her party, or does Chen Shen come first? She doesn’t outright choose one or the other, and dawdles between the two options.

Pictures and gifs credit to 电视剧麻雀 Weibo.


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14 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 12-13 Recap

  1. shannymelbournian says:

    by the way I notice just now on Teve September 15 (Thursday) only 1 episode of Sparrow will be aired – due to the Mid autumn festival show at 8.20 pm (Sparrow airs 7.40 pm).
    So basically Thursday to Sunday only 1 episode each nite . Won’t be enough for us 40 minutes a day. sigh it is super not enough 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • coffeenlucia says:

      That’s too bad. I wish the series would just air two episodes a day so that it would be over sooner lol.

      Thanks for the information!


      • shannymelbournian says:

        you are most welcome 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        If only the drama was aired on another Tv channel (such as Zhe Jiang or Jiang su) – it would have been 2 episodes from monday to Saturday, except Sunday only 1 episode.
        Hunan has way too many tv shows to air so Sparrow only 1 episode for almost half the week unfortunately.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. shannymelbournian says:

    Many thanks for the excellent recap as usual 🙂 🙂
    I am so looking forward to ep 14 and 15 tonight..


    • coffeenlucia says:

      No problem; thanks for reading 🙂


      • shannymelbournian says:

        I found ep 14 and 15 were really good! but ep 17 and 18 will be more thrilling

        but the preview for ep 17 and 18 is killing me –
        spoilers below – only read if u want to be spoiled 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        in ep 17 preview Bi Chong Liang now knows that Shan Hai murders his men (Er Bao found button at crime scene and they saw Shan Hai’s blazer missing one button).

        also they capture one of Da Chun’s men and that man is asked by Bi Chong Liang to identify which girl is talking to Da Chun the other day , to the horror of Chen Shen and Shan Hai (both are also present in the identification room). we all know who that girl is – Bi Cheng!

        this drama is so brilliant – one of the most brilliant dramas in 2016 i think . Li Yi Feng is superb


        • coffeenlucia says:

          The preview sounds intense!! Wonder how Bi Zhongliang is going to deal with Shanhai and Bicheng. And to think that there are still about forty-five episodes left!

          Agree with you that this drama is brilliant – I think it is written very well. Li Yifeng continues to surprise me with his great acting so far.


          • shannymelbournian says:

            the preview is so intense 🙂 have to wait until night time for the drama to air lol (12 more hours from now).

            yes the writers are genius .. but 45 episodes to go .. I don’t quite like the idea 😦
            I might not follow the middle half of the story as some long dramas are too draggy and it is pretty stressful to watch hehehe.
            how I wish the drama will end at episode 30..just like most of the dramas I watched LOL

            yes Li Yifeng’s acting is so great and also he looks insanely good looking in the office suits, the black leather jacket , and brown leather jacket. so exciting to watch. looks heavenly.


            • coffeenlucia says:

              Yeah, hopefully the plot doesn’t drag on towards the middle of the series. Even with 16-episode dramas I often have trouble watching past episode 8… but somehow I’ve managed to watch 13 episodes of Sparrow already – it’s a miracle lol.

              Li Yifeng does suit the costume in this drama, at least much better than his outfit in Legend of Chusen imo.


  3. Moonlight says:

    OMG I watched a couple of trailers and it looks like Shan Hai has a love line with Liu Meina? But the trailer was a bit unclear cause he had a gun pointed at her? Gasp maybe he was using her…since she has access to the bureau’s files? This is getting more interesting !


    • shannymelbournian says:

      yes I also thought the same thing with you. Shan Hai must have approached Liu Meina to get the information / secret document they want , in ep 13 Bi Chen pointed out to Shanhai that Meina likes him.
      Afterall Shan Hai already sign the ‘guideline’ paper that Bi Chen wrote perhaps Shan Hai will stop ‘chasing’ her.

      I am so looking forward to Bi Chen and Chen Shen progress.
      It looks like Bi Chen’s love is not one sided .
      Chen Shen still loves her – because from one preview he agrees to help Bi Chen to meet up with her old friend Zhou Li (even though he decline at first)


    • coffeenlucia says:

      I think Shanhai will have a loveline with Liu Meina, though I think initially he just sees her as a way to get easier access to the files. But apparently Liu Meina will also be pursued by Chen Shen, since he also wants the files as well…


  4. amaliapus says:

    Me too loving the ending OST! Didn’t like it at first but it fits the drama perfectly. And SPOILERS, from the stills, it seems like Xiaonan will have a loveline with another character?


    • coffeenlucia says:

      I love the soundtrack so much – the instrumentals are lovely as well. And yes, I think you are right about Xiaonan having a loveline with another character. I don’t believe that person’s been introduced yet, but from the trailer I thought he was supposed to be not on Chen Shen’s side… The lovelines are going to get so complicated, my goodness.


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