Zhao Liying is interviewed by Tencent

Image result for zhao li ying 2016 bazaar charity nightpicture credit: avirtualvoyage.net

My TV goddess just radiates with so much energy here; she looks genuinely happy to be interviewed by Tencent during her appearance at the 2016 Bazaar China Charity Night.

Interviewer: If you were an elementary school teacher, what subjects would you teach?

Goddess: Anything but math. For history class I can share some of my past acting experiences (referring to her roles in historical dramas). I can speak from my own perspective.

Image result for zhao li ying rise of tomboy

But… math is my forte!

Interviewer: Between Bai Zihua and Zhang Xiaofan, who more resembles your ideal type?

Goddess: I’ve never thought about this question before. My ideal type changes every day. Today I could tell you but tomorrow I might have a different ideal type! It’s impossible for me to have one set ideal type.


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