Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 16-17 Recap

Episodes 16-17 Recap

Is it just me or does this episode begin with eight minutes of recap? Anyway, new plot begins with Zhou Li’s husband reminiscing their past together as he remembers her present of a necklace to him. Chen Shen thinks of Qiuxia, and how he has grown mature after witnessing her sacrifice so that he and the others might live on. Similarly, Zhou Li has sacrificed her well-being so that the others, including her husband, can continue living.

Er Bao finds Zhou Li’s husband’s necklace on the ground, and he inspects it, along with the button he found clutched in one of the dead soldier’s hands. Zhongliang begins to suspect Chen Shen due to the mysterious delay in the transporting prisoners from Point A to Point B, and he also suspects Shanhai, who had told Er Bao he was going to send some wood to Boss Li’s friend as material for home furnishings. Zhongliang tells Er Bao to put the necklace back where he found it as a trap to bait whoever misplaced it. Indeed, that is how Zhou Li’s husband is captured.

Zhongliang assembles all the people at the bureau for a meeting and says he will talk one-on-one with each of them since he suspects someone among them to be involved with the earlier mishap regarding the prisoners. He eyes Shanhai’s coat buttons, which are all there. A flashback to ten minutes ago shows Chen Shen having the same button on one of his jackets in the closet, so he gives it to Bi Cheng, who swiftly sews it on to Shanhai’s jacket. Also, they line up their alibis in case Zhongliang asks them why they were at Qiao Jia Shan that day.

The one-on-one interview sessions are actually kind of funny, since everyone acts their part so well. Chen Shen practically reverses the roles and begins questioning Zhongliang. Chen Shen is asked what he was talking about with Xu Bicheng before he sent off the prisoners, and he says Bicheng was suspicious of Shanhai since he’s been visiting Qiao Jia Shan so often.

The next phase of interrogation begins as Zhongliang says Liu Meina and Xu Bicheng have to remain, while the others are free to go. He suspects Yu Pangzi, the car driver who could have purposefully lengthened the time the car took to drive from Point A to Point B, but doubts it was a one-man job – it was either Meina or Bicheng who helped him.

Chen Shen goes to visit Li Xiaonan, and their neighbor Shanhai also needs Chen Shen’s help. But one of Zhongliang’s men is closely following their conversation from outside so Chen Shen has Li Xiaonan pretend to be hungry and ask him for food. Then Shanhai disguises as Chen Shen and leaves the house. He’s able to meet up with Dachun, who tells him that the person captured is Lu Ming (Zhou Li’s husband), and this guy has seen Bicheng’s face before.

Xu Bicheng puts up an impressive performance in front of Zhongliang saying she suspects Shanhai might love someone else. Wow, Zhou Dongyu’s act of acting is superb here. She captures the fake innocence and timing of fake tears perfectly. But once she leaves the room, the facade fades and she starts sobbing in a room when she hears the prisoner being tortured.

As Zhongliang continues interrogating Lu Ming, the viewers hear his philosophy. We know Zhongliang is currently working for the Japanese. In part it is because he does not care about ideology and belonging to a party, because he says it does no good when you want to protect your family and those you care most for.

Lu Ming eventually reveals that Dachun did meet up with a girl the day before the prisoners switched prisons. He describes her as in her twenties, with long hair, and pretty. Zhongliang has all the women in the bureau line up in a room and has Lu Ming point out the girl he saw that day. However, Zhongliang gets a phone call from Boss Li, who’s unhappy that his relative is being held as suspect. During this time Chen Shen gets the opportunity to tell Lu Ming he must not point out Bicheng, or else his family will be killed. He shows Lu Ming a photo of his family and says that all who are interrogated by Zhongliang are killed anyways after they have no more “value”. Lu Ming ends up not revealing Bicheng’s identity.

Lu Ming is sent back into the jail cell, but he tries to tackle one of Zhongliang’s men and ends up getting shot in the process. By who is left unknown – it is either Chen Shen or one of Zhongliang’s other men. I’m guessing it’s not Chen Shen, since first of all his conscience is probably tugging at him given the lie he said earlier, and also because he is afraid to shoot.


The one-on-one interrogation part was clever and interesting. Loved how each “suspect” or person in the bureau all acted their parts so convincingly. Especially Bicheng, since she just screams genuine. The button scenario was kind of a far-fetched coincidence though – I mean, what are the odds that Chen Shen has the exact same button that Shanhai needs?

I’ve got a theory about Zhongliang. Spoilers. We know that Zhongliang is going to die in the end, but exactly how is unknown. It would be interesting if the drama was written so that Chen Shen’s first time shooting a gun in years was at Zhongliang, killing him. And ironic as well, since Chen Shen’s last time shooting a gun saved Zhongliang’s life in battle.

Off-topic, but Zhou Dongyu’s new movie Soul Mate has just premiered today! I’m definitely going to try to watch this in theaters (if it shows in America). The story follows two best friends, July and Ansheng, who fall in love with the same dude. Apparently the movie focuses more on their friendship than on the romance aspect, which is exciting since I’ve seen a lot of youth movies that do the opposite.

Gifs and pictures credit to the 电视剧麻雀 Weibo.


32 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 16-17 Recap

  1. Oh no Chen Shen…
    Super melodramatic indeed if this will follow the novel closely.
    If only they continue to sub this drama on viki *sobs
    Anyway, thank you so much for the recaps so I can still continue following the story, I’ll watch the drama in raw while remembering your recaps


    • Hopefully Viki continues to subtitle the drama. I understand it takes a long time to subtitle, though. Back when I was a subtitler for Viki it was pretty hard trying to translate the phrases exactly.

      Thank you for reading. I think I will continue to recap, albeit with delays in publishing them. It’s been pretty busy these past few days, but I’ll try to find time.


      • They have problem with Fan Channel, so it won’t be updated unless it gets licensed 😥

        Take your time 🙂
        It’s a bit overwhelming for me actually since I’m used to K-drama which only airs 2 eps a week


  2. Super super super major spoiler – do not read if you do not want to be spoiled as this is super major

    by the way I have heard from someone who has read the novel . I hope the drama will NOT stay true to novel 😦 😦 (please please please)
    According to novel Chen Shen in the end ruined his face (unrecognisable) . Bi Cheng become senior at the Police Headquarter (KMT) , continue to capture all Communists and Chen Shen helping communist escape. (They separated)

    I guess CHen Shen disfigurement could be from the explosions in the below video in 1.26 – 1. 32?

    Or it could also be from another explosions where Chen Shen drove a truck and the truck collided into something and he fell unconsious before the truck burst into flames. 😦 😦 😦

    Anyway just be prepared for the next 40 episodes. At least there will be some sweet moments between Chen Shen and Bi Cheng in the upcoming eps.
    but the watching fireworks scene is definitely not the last scene of last episode T______________T


    • by the way the truck collision and the explosions hence Chen Shen nearly died (and his face ruined) in minute 2.10 😦 😦 😦 noone knows he is alive . everybody thought he was dead.


      • Nooooo 😦 They don’t go together in the end ! :O
        Sigh at least Chen Shen survives …
        Btw did anyone wonder why Zhong Liang’s wife become a nun? Cause Zhong Liang probably wanted to have Chen Shen killed and is that why she left him?


        • Sobs sobs yes sad ending..:(

          Chen Shen survives but with a ruined face and not a single person knows he survives. Yes that could be the reason . most likely Zhong Liang tries to kill Chen shen . Bi Tai tai already regards Chen Shen as her little brother, so she must be so upset .


            • yes very sad indeed. If only the horrifying accident didnt happen to Chen shen perhaps the ending would have been different ? imagine Chen Shen without the disfigured face – Chen Shen can come back to Bi Cheng?
              But on the other hand Bi Chen is the senior agent at Head Quarters and her mission is to capture all communist. If they are together , can Chen shen watch all his communist fellow being captured and tortured . so they are from two opposing party, really hard to be together. 😦 😦 😦


              • My gosh, it’s like this drama is going to become super melodramatic. 😦 I don’t like sad endings, but I suppose the author had difficulty thinking of a better way to reconcile the two lover’s differing beliefs. I do remember in a trailer Bicheng writes a letter to Chen Shen saying “I love you, but I love my beliefs any more.” I wonder if they saw each other after that.


                • Yeah I also saw that letter that states. I love you but I love my beliefs even more – that is the break up and my guess is they never see each other again.


                  • hehe if we expect a happy ending then Bicheng shall convert her belief to Communist and follow Chen Shen wherever he goes, they can get married and have kids after that. but the author decides a different ending :<


        • I am guessing the same thing too. Chen Shen is practically a son to her, and she probably cannot forgive Zhongliang for wanting to kill Chen Shen (because didn’t she have a child with Zhongliang that died earlier?)


          • Oh really 😦

            i didnt know that they had a child that died earlier ..poor bi Tai Tai 😦 I only know the house next to Shan Hai’s apartment was originally for their kid. but they allow Xiao Nan to live there .


  3. Thanks for Recap,I love it because my skill English language was little bit . I want to know shanhai and bicheng they’re who side ? communist or not .I don’t know . please spoil me . T…T
    Thank you your recap


    • Hi! Thanks for reading. So I’m actually not too sure which side Shanhai and Bicheng are on. However, they are not communists, since Chen Shen is a communist and they aren’t on the same side as him. The drama keeps mentioning 军统 but I’m not too sure what that means – military side? If they were nationalists (KMT), I feel like the drama would say they are 国名党 but I don’t recall hearing them being called that way.


  4. Thank you for the recap! Hope it’s not the last one hehe.
    So many button thing, I think it has happened about 2-3 times this far?

    I’m curious though why Chen Shen doesn’t drink. Given his last gunshot story, it seems like he can’t easily forget the past. And he can’t forget his past relationship with Bicheng either lol.

    Me too I want to watch Zhou Dongyu movie, I like Ma Sichun as well. Li Yifeng also posted on weibo to support BIcheng.


    • I may actually end up publishing more recaps xD xD We’ll see. They just might take slightly longer for me to write. And finding gifs on Weibo takes some time too, so I might just start screencapping instead.

      You’re right, scenarios involving buttons have happened before – I think last time it was Er Bao who misplaced a button while spying on Chen Shen at the orphanage.

      I’m also wondering about Chen Shen’s habit of not drinking. Maybe he doesn’t have much drinking stamina and could easily reveal information? You bring up a good point that he doesn’t seem to forget the past easily.

      Yeah I saw Li Yifeng’s post on Weibo too I was so giddy. And apparently Zhang Ruoyun, Huang Xiaoming, and a bunch of actors also supported the movie too. Zhou Dongyu’s post was so funny “While shooting the movie it was cold, but now the movie is selling so hot, just like the relationship between July and Ansheng”.


      • You’re right, maybe he doesn’t think has something to do with his spy identity. I thought it’s something related to Bicheng in their past since they do close up shot on her while talking about it on dinner. Overthinking lol

        And it looks like Zhou Dongyu’s character in her movie is completely different from Bicheng?


        • Ooh you might be right! What if it was something not so serious like him confessing to her “I like you” after drinking too much? Ahh that would be so cute.

          And yep, Zhou Dongyu’s character in the movie is completely different from Bicheng. In the film she’s reckless, free-spirited, and straightforward. I think her character in the film more resembles her personality in real life lol.


  5. Yeah! Omg same here. The way she was crying and then smiling through her tears when Zhong Liang was like “I think you’re overthinking . . . about Shan Hai hanging out with other girls lol” Hahahah. Definitely, I think she’s a great actor 🙂


    • Yes and her smile just seems so innocent Zhong Liang totally bought her explanation… (at least for a second before he became suspicious again)

      Zhou Dongyu’s one of my fav actresses, I might be slightly biased 😛

      Zhang Luyi, who acts the part of Zhong Liang, is also an amazing actor – really knows how to express Zhong Liang’s cold and cruel nature without overacting.


    • Yes, I thought she was brilliant here with the way she chose to act out the fake confession / suspicion that Shanhai might be hanging out with other girls. There’s this one moment where she cocks her head slightly to the side and looks almost dazed at Zhongliang, haha I started cracking up – Dongyu knows how to communicate the fake acting really well.

      On the other hand I think some netizens on Weibo don’t really like her acting in this drama, which is too bad. Maybe it’s because of the way her character is written, which isn’t her fault.


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