Update, upcoming posting schedule, thank yous

In a couple of days I will be starting college. A brief outline of my posting schedule, tentatively speaking:

UPDATE AS OF 9/22/16:

  • Sing!China recaps will still be published on Fridays when episodes are uploaded on Youtube (PST).
  • I am still recapping Sparrow for now. But expect delays.
  • No more Cdrama news updates will be posted.

The blog will be on semi-hiatus mode for at least the next couple of weeks, and possibly for the entire school year. 

I’d also like to thank all of the readers and commentors on this blog – you are all lovely and have helped motivate me to blog more. Shout out to the Sparrow recaps family, including shannymelbournian, moonlight, and amaliapus. Also to maoh and her love for Zhao Liying.


8 thoughts on “Update, upcoming posting schedule, thank yous

    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Thanks! I definitely foresee myself posting more about ZLY in the future, but probably just not as often. I had actually wanted to recap Rookie Agent Rouge but given that it takes me about two to three hours to write one recap, I’ve decided maybe it’s best if I don’t. Hopefully another blog will recap the series…


  1. Moonlight

    Always looking forward to your recaps 🙂 Definitely understand the amount of catching up on lectures when mid-sems and finals come is always hectic for me 😩


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      🙂 Thank you for all your support. I actually may continue recapping Sparrow lol, just at a much slower pace. I feel like I’m going to miss recapping too much and come back sooner than expected 😛

      We’ll see.


  2. shannymelbournian

    best of luck for your studies 🙂 fighting.

    ! thanks for the recaps from ep 1 – It has been really really helpful to us



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