Sing!China Mid-Autumn Festival Special Episode

This episode came out of nowhere – I was definitely not expecting this, but then again I’m not following news of Sing!China closely on Weibo. The Mid-Autumn Festival Special 中秋踢馆赛 begins by thanking people – competitors thanking their families, the judges acknowledging the behind-the-scenes people including the band. Also, Xue Zhiqian (Jacky Xue) guests on the show today!! My gosh, this is a surprise – I love his songs.


Basically today’s episode is a revival competition between those who have already been eliminated, and Jacky Xue is their coach. For opening song, Jacky sings 你还要我怎么样. I am utterly in love with his voice – that range. He thanks all the judges and says their songs had a lot of impact on his life.

The format of today’s episode is based off pairing the judges into the Jay Chou – Wang Feng team and the Na Ying – Harlem Yu team. According to online popularity of the eliminated contestants, each team gets four of those contestants back, for a total of eight students competing (or four pairs). The singers are to perform the same song they sang in the blind audition. Then, the studio audience votes on who did better in the paired battles.

First battle

Bai Jingchen (originally Team Na Ying) vs. Shan Liang (originally Team Jay Chou)

Winner: Shan Liang

Bai Jingchen sings 小幸运. It’s an alright performance, but I don’t like the little permutations he adds in place of the original tune, and the chorus is underwhelming. Even when he changes keys, I don’t feel any sort of elevated emotion. Shan Liang sings 语空. I think he sang better in the blind audition – here it seems like he’s off tune on a few notes. Lol and Xue Zhiqian accidentally comes on stage too early and the song hasn’t finished yet, but it’s okay since Shan Liang gets to finish the song. Regardless, I would definitely pick Shan Liang over Jingchen. I can see why Jay Chou chose Jingchen from the opposing team to go against Shan Liang. The studio audience gets 30 seconds to vote and at the end Shan Liang wins.

Second battle

Yang Shan (originally Team Na Ying) vs. Bao Shiyu (originally Team Jay Chou)

Winner: Yang Shan

I’m so conflicted –  I like both these singers. Bao Shiyu goes first and sings 安和桥. I like her performance here more than the first time she sang the song; she seems to put more desperation into the high notes of the verse. But hey, what do I know, I’m not trained vocally. Yang Shan sings 九月. It’s a lovely rendition, since his voice is so gentle. It’s difficult to determine who’s better when both have similar song choices, singing style, and play guitar. Yang Shan ultimately wins. I’m going to miss Bao Shiyu’s singing, especially when she sang 彩虹.

Next is an intermission where Na Ying sings 花一开满就相爱. I’m actually not in love with her voice, but the song is sung well. Harlem sings 我最摇摆 and he’s got a lot of stage presence. The song isn’t my style but he just brings so much energy to the stage. Wang Feng performs 谢谢. It’s my favorite performance from the judges so far, but I wonder why the projector shows wind turbines in the background. Jay Chou sings 说走就走 with the top five singers on his team, which is nice. Their voices don’t exactly mesh together, but it works considering their effort.

Third Battle

Lu Junzhe (originally Team Wang Feng) vs. Li Ruixuan (originally Team Harlem Yu)

Winner: Li Ruixuan

Li Ruixuan sings 谢谢侬. His vocal range is quite impressive; his low notes are possibly the among the lowest sung by competitors so far in this season. I prefer his performance here than the first time he sang it in the blind audition. He uses so much vocal technique, from belting out the notes in the chorus to using a head voice and falsetto in the verse. Lu Junzhe sings 没时间后悔. I love the way he builds up to the chorus with a gradual crescendo. I think I’m still rooting for Ruixuan though. However, his belted notes are just really satisfying to listen to. And Ruixuan is declared winner after the audience votes.

There’s another intermission where Fei Yuqing (the assistant coach for Team Jay Chou) sings 花好月圆. It’s such a beautiful song.

Fourth Battle

Guan Linzhi (originally Team Harlem) vs. Liu Xuejing (originally Team Jay Chou)

Winner: ?

Guan Linzhi sings 给我自己的歌. One of my favorite performances of the night, executed with perfect control and vocal technique. Liu Xuejing performs 就是现在. Her rap is slightly off-beat, but her high notes have seemed to improve a lot. Her vocals aren’t very stable, but she makes up for it with the overwhelming emotion she instills into the melody. I would say Guan Linzhi won though.

?? And the episode ends there? Wait what? WHO WINS?


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